Thursday, October 24, 2013

Corn maze 2013

Our fun family Sunday excursion was our yearly corn maze adventure. For the first time ever (thank you, bad weather), Dan was able to join us! We got drizzled on a bit, but we all had a blast!

The boys always love running through the maze made of hay bales. Thankfully they are big enough now that I can always see the tops of their heads! I remember a few years ago losing Sammy a few times and panicking.

A new part of the adventure this year was a corn pit! Elijah loved it (Sammy did not). He loved running around in it and getting buried.

And burying Mama, too. We found corn in the strangest places later that day.

We got an extra treat that day by getting to spend time with cousins. The boys were so happy about seeing Kayla and Miya!

We went into the parakeet house last year and Elijah loved it (Sammy did not). This year both boys loved it. The birds were EVERYWHERE, and it was a little bit freaky.

They were nibbling on Sammy's shoes and swooping through my hair and almost getting stepped on by all of us. I was secretly happy to get out of there. Don't tell the boys.

After spending family time at the corn maze, we said good-bye to Paul and Babe and headed back to our warm home.

I won't lie, it's been a strange week. We went from emotionally preparing for a big surgery to (in a matter of 10 seconds) totally re-calibrating to a "normal" week. Dan and I have left three messages with the ENT scheduling department and still do not know a new date for Elijah's ear surgery. This has been disheartening, as we would like to have some sort of idea about when to expect it to happen.

Even though this week was a letdown and super strange in many ways, I do truly believe that it worked out how God planned it. For whatever reason, Tuesday was NOT Elijah's day for ear surgery. I totally and completely believe that with my whole heart. That has given me great peace and comfort all week.

Elijah continues to struggle with keeping himself together while in school. His behavior is challenging for his teachers and now he is having an issue with a classmate. There is an "unkind" boy in his class who has called Elijah hurtful names and picked on him a bit. Apparently Elijah has wanted to "get back" at this kid, so his teacher shared with us that E has been "bugging" him in order to get a reaction. We think he is instigating trouble because he knows he will get a reaction. We have had a lot of talks this week about it, but he continues to prod this little boy.

It's always something...or ten somethings! There are many other behaviors that we are trying to help him with that are disruptive to his classmates and teachers. We will continue to be consistent and.....WE WILL GET THERE! Sometimes it doesn't feel like we will, but we will.

By the way, we have finally received Elijah's light and have been doing light therapy with him for over a week now. So far it is not doing much, but we remain hopeful! I know deep in my mama gut that curing his sleep issues will help so many other issues that he/we are dealing with.

Thanks for checking in! Dan will be working his last weekend of the season at Skydive Twin Cities and I have my bestest friend visiting overnight tomorrow! Woooo! Have a great weekend!

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