Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Behavior, Inc.

Just a quick update. Elijah had a great morning and a really poor afternoon. He earned his first "behavior referral form" for swiping his music teacher. Ugh. Huge punch to the gut, resulting in tears at work which is never fun and always embarrassing. He spent the majority of his afternoon outside of the classroom today because, as his teacher stated, "he was such a distraction to their learning." We are taking this all very seriously and want to get to the bottom of it. In my mama gut, I know that his early morning waking (and resulting sleep deprivation) is a HUGE part of all of this. I'm going to contact a pediatric sleep expert at Children's tomorrow to hopefully move toward an answer.

There are, of course, other aspects of this behavior ordeal that we need to consider and keep in mind as we move forward. We need to make sure the right people are caring for him at school. His caregivers need to set solid boundaries for him, but they also have to be LOVING. Without that, he will certainly fail. We need to continue to be consistent at home with discipline. We need to continue to feed him foods that agree with his body. We need to seek as much "extra" help as possible. We will do anything to help him! I spoke in depth with his school's social worker today and had a very positive conversation. I shared some Elijah wisdom with her (his teacher cannot overwhelm him and he has to be given choices, etc) and we agreed that it might be helpful to have the principal chat with him with a stern yet loving approach.

I have to end with positivity, right? For one thing, we have dates set for Elijah's Make-a-Wish Florida trip! And the reveal will likely happen soon! Here is a funny Sammy conversation from the other day. :) Have a great rest of your week!

Me: Come on, Sammy, let's go to the car.
Sammy: WAIT! I need to kiss this tree first.
Me: Uhhh...
Sammy: Say, "READY! SET! KISS!"
Me: Uhhh...
Sammy: Well?! Say it!
Me: Ok, ready set kiss!
And the tree was seriously smooched.


jencooper said...

You are on the right track!! hoping you find answers soon.

Dates?? I wish they were in 2 weeks time.....

Anonymous said...

Bless his heart! Have you all considered having a Parapro (Like a teacher's assistant) in the classroom with Elijah? That way she could help him. I will continue praying for you all!


Amy, Mitch and Wilson said...

I don't have any magic tricks to share -- wish I did! -- but just wanted to let you know we've been there and we ARE there. I think what gets me wound up is Wilson's inconsistency...some days are great, other days are horrible, and I don't know what to say or try next. Hang in there!...you are all doing your very best, which is all anyone could ask for.

christine said...

You will get through this Mama Porta. Elijah has been behind in nearly every single thing he does and he always catches up in the end. HE may have a hard time adjusting to school and he will ace it in the end. No worries. He is steadfast and will adjust to this big change, too!