Tuesday, October 22, 2013

For everything, there is a reason.

As Elijah and Sammy headed downstairs this morning, I ran over to the laundry room to grab them clothes for the day. I reminded Elijah, "NO EATING THIS MORNING!" I was literally ten seconds behind them and came downstairs to find Elijah eating the chocolate off of a chocolate-covered almond. My loud NOOOOOO! caused him to swallow the delicious chocolate, four hours after the time he was no longer allowed to eat solid food. I remembered a story a nurse told us once about a little girl who ate a single goldfish cracker a few hours before a heart surgery and they had to reschedule it. 

Elijah's response was, "But I want to have surgery today!" He apologized repeatedly, as it was a total mindless thing and not at all a defiant thing.

I chatted with a nurse, who chatted with Elijah's surgeon, and even such a teeny tiny amount of food in his stomach was not allowed. Postponing the surgery was not an option since the surgery was expected to last four hours and that would have put us into evening. I'm waiting to hear back from scheduling to get another date on the calendar.

Honestly, I just have to believe there was a reason for this. I am telling you, Elijah NEVER snacks. If I physically hand him a snack he will eat it and he will sit down at every meal and fill his belly, but he NEVER seeks out snacky food like his little bro does. We may never know the reason for it, but today was not his day for ear surgery. Another time..

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