Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Behavior and potty and very fun pics!

This week Elijah has come home from school each day saying to us, "I didn't go to the principal's office!" as if this is a great feat. "Ok, Elijah, this is good news, but having three time-outs from your classroom is not good." He has continued to disrupt his class with inappropriate laughing and talking. No hitting so far this week, which we are thankful for. The mommy stomach-aches continue. Every time my phone rings, I feel like I want to vomit.

We will get there, and I truly KNOW this is the truth. Dan and I are ON IT. We are in constant communication with E's teacher and social worker and special ed case manager and principal. We know things about his day before he imagines we could know them. We are all working together to help him. We are blessed to have such an amazing team of people working with us.

On top of this, we are in the throes of potty training Sammy. Oh my GOODNESS, is he a toughie! How did we get two such tough ones in the potty-training realm?! Again, WE WILL GET THERE. Sammy hates underpants and change and being told what to do.

I will end with a few Make-A-Wish reveal pics! So much fun. We love our boys to pieces!

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jencooper said...

Love those boys!! Love, love, love their excited faces!!

Glad to hear that things are better. Keep at it, Mama!! You will get there!!