Friday, October 4, 2013

Croup: Season 6, Episode 1 (Elijah)

Just to end our week with a bang, Elijah woke up around midnight with croup last night. It was his first episode of the season. He stayed fairly calm, but he was definitely struggling to catch a breath so we gave him an epi neb. Just like when he was three years old, he still asks to watch Little Einsteins while the nebulizer runs. We put him back to bed and minus a little cough he was fine for the rest of the night...

...until he woke up at 3:00 for the day, that is. I'm not kidding.

Dan and I met with Elijah's teacher and principal this morning and it went well. They both have his best interest in mind and we are so thankful for that. I knew after being up during the night and waking up so freakishly early that Elijah would likely have at least some sort of incident at school today. Sure enough, he confessed to "screaming" at his teacher in the afternoon. She explained to me later that he was being very disruptive during a lesson and laughing loudly so she had to ask him to leave the room for like the fourth day in a row. Ugh. It is so disheartening, but we are all staying consistent. We will get there! I have his new light ordered, so we will be starting some light therapy the second it arrives!

I will put Elijah's wish reveal video in a separate post because it is deserving of one!

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