Friday, May 9, 2014

Daddy is home!

We are so happy to have Dan back home! We picked him up from the airport tonight and the boys totally lavished love upon him. "I missed you, Daddy!" "I love you soooo much, Daddy!" "Please snuggle with me, Daddy!" "Hold my hand, Daddy!" I think this might be my new favorite photo.

Sammy and I got to spend some quality time together today, which was awesome. I love that sweet, sassy, silly boy. Elijah had a great day! He started off the morning by getting dressed, using the bathroom and brushing his hair and teeth ALL ON HIS OWN. Without any prompting or grumbling. I didn't quite know what was going on, but I loved it! Then he asked me to give him a spelling quiz (he has a spelling test at school every Friday).

And then he offered to clean the kitchen floors. Uhh, what the heck?!

And he had a GREAT day at school! His first great day since early last week!

I'm off to cuddle with my hubby! Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful weekend!

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