Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hand it over

The boys and I made it to the dropzone last night for our first time this season. They were SO EXCITED about going and had a blast! The fresh, open air, the attention (they are always given MUCH love by our amazing skydiving pals), the playground, our trailer that is totally stocked with toys.. The dz is such a novel place for them and they adore their time there...every time.

I told Elijah last year that he probably wouldn't fit into our toy car this year. Well, he squished himself in! He made it work. We're looking into turning it into a convertible. He loves "driving" this car around the perimeter of the hangar....over and over and over, and usually with Sammy sitting in the "trunk." Sammy is closing the door of our trailer in the below pic. The boys call this our "second home." I can only imagine what Elijah's teachers and friends at school must think when he tells him about our second home having wheels, in a trailer park. :) 

Being so close in proximity to the boys' beds last night, I was able to accurately determine what time Elijah was awake for the day. That would be 3:10am! I have a feeling this has been going on for a few weeks. I'll put a call into his development ped tomorrow. We are not entirely certain that the sleep meds are helping any longer, so I would like to discuss other options.  He was a very very tired boy all day today.

I packed the boys into the car fairly early this morning and headed to church, unshowered and all. I refuse to let our church attendance fall to the wayside this summer, despite our dropzone-ing, fun and busy-ness. I was glad I made the effort because our amazing Pastor Londa put a message into my head that I absolutely needed today. The stress, worry and fear I've been feeling lately NEEDS TO GO. It's not mine to hold, and I need to hand it all over. I've felt much better today. 

Yesterday was a different story. I sat on the hard cement at a playground for over an hour, watching the boys run around while my wonderful mother-in-law's arm was wrapped around me. I had a near panic attack as I walked out of the gym with each of the boys' hands in mine. It hit me hard and very suddenly. I hadn't had that feeling in YEARS. Dan's incredible mother came to my rescue and helped talk me through my feelings. I felt much better after a dose of her love. The next few weeks are filled much! Work, work, work, work, time spent apart from each other...and my mind has a difficult time thinking about anything else. But I just have to GIVE IT TO HIM!

On a much lighter note, the weather was beautiful today! Aahhhh.. finally! And I'm not sure I've mentioned it here yet, but the little boys and I will be departing on a 2-week road trip on June 6th, the day after Elijah's last day of first grade. We will spend five nights in Louisville with our incredible heart friend Evan and his family. Then we will head to Charlotte for another week where we will spend time with my dad and stepmom. We are EXCITED! My cousin Trevor (the Car Doctor, as E and S call him) just did some work on my old but trusty car and will do a final peek before we leave. We feel ready!

This coming week is going to be so absolutely and totally nuts, but...I'm handing everything to Jesus! He can take it all on and lead me. I'm taking it day by day...hour by hour. Look for the blessings!

Thanks for peeking in! xo

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