Sunday, May 25, 2014


So my new expensive camera happens to, AWESOME. Dan and I have been ooo-ing and aaah-ing over the photos it has been capturing over the past few days.

Dan assisted me with my Friday wedding while the boys spent the night with their Auntie Carolyn and cousins. Everything went great! My friend's wedding was beautiful and we captured some great memories. The boys had a great time with their awesome auntie and cousins. We got home late, went straight to bed and I got up bright and early for another day of wedding-ness.

I was SO TIRED by the end of yesterday. It was a 13-hour day! My lower back was killing me and I had shooting pains in my heels. I am glad it's all done and I'm excited about editing the photos I captured. Weddings can be so stressful, but they are so rewarding. I love my job!

Dan leaves early in the morning (3am!) to head to DC for six days. We are going to miss him this week. We have a busy week planned, as usual, so I'm sure it'll go quickly.

Next week, June 4th, is Sammy's GOLDEN birthday! I know I've asked you for cards/letters/love for Elijah so much in the past, but if it is on your heart, would you mind sending a special letter to our Sammy for his golden birthday? It would mean so much to him and to us! If you need a mailing address, send me an email at mmporta at gmail dot com. So often it is Elijah receiving attention during surgeries/hospitalizations/special I would just LOVE for Sammy to feel super-special for once! No pressure...only if it's on your heart.

Good night! Thank you for checking in! Have a great rest of your Memorial Day weekend.

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