Monday, May 19, 2014

Just one of those days.

Oye, today was rough. Elijah had a "bad" day at school, which wasn't super surprising. Last night before midnight I heard him repeatedly kicking the wall next to his bed. I opened his bedroom door. He looked up at me and said, "HI, MOM!" I'm pretty sure he went back to sleep, but he was up again ridiculously early and he looked like he had been tortured when we got him out of bed this morning. Right away, I put calls into his sleep specialist and his developmental ped regarding his sleep meds. His sleep doctor is notorious for not getting back to me for literally WEEKS, hence the reason for the back-up call with the ped. He had mentioned to us that he was very familiar with the med Elijah is taking, so it's always good to have two experts on top of things.

I received a call back from the developmental ped's nurse almost immediately. Impressive! Isn't it funny how doctors operate so differently? The nurse had spoken with Dr. M regarding my concerns about Elijah and his response was: the med he is taking does NOT interrupt sleep. If his sleep is being disturbed beyond the norm, it is not due to the medication. In fact, he suggested upping the dose by just a tiny bit. We did that tonight, but won't know its effect for a week or so.

I was expecting a call from the neuropsychologist today, but it never came. We were supposed to discuss E's options at school and I also have a small list of other questions for him. Do we continue to discipline Elijah in the same way? Could he potentially have a semi-visual view of the world around him? What are the accommodations we need to advocate for to have in his classroom next year?

Everything seemed off the charts today...emotions, behavior, feeling overwhelmed and anxious.. Praying for a much better Tuesday and PEACE!

Also wishing you all a wonderful week! Thanks for peeking in. xo

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