Sunday, May 11, 2014

The BEST Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you amazing mamas! Today was an incredible day for us. My boys let me sleep in and they woke me with breakfast in bed, super thoughtful gifts and handmade cards and a TON of love and hugs. Sammy told me about 100 times today, "Mommy, you're so LOVELY and PRETTY and I love you SOOOO much!" I feel like the luckiest mother on the entire planet. I love my boys!

Sammy had been telling Dan for weeks that he wanted to get me "jewels" for Mother's Day (smart kid). Dan compromised and picked out a really pretty gift-shop ring while he was in DC last week, so that was my "jewel" from Sam (I love it...I will never take it off). He also requested flowers for me. Another wise choice. I think Sammy is going to be a lot like his Daddy and VERY thoughtful in the gift-giving department. Elijah wanted to get me a vase and a cup, which were perfect picks, as well! Dan got me a gift card to a spa...uhh, totally perfect after the past few weeks. I'll hopefully get to use it this week!

I did a lot of thinking about moms today. My mom, my stepmom, my mother-in-law, myself, my sisters and sisters-in-law, my friends, the moms I see at the mall and the park. Moms are amazing! Moms are selfless. Moms have the toughest jobs, but the most rewarding, too. Moms are loved and cherished beyond anything words could ever say. Moms are the most important people. I pray every day that I can be the best possible mother to these two amazing boys God gave to me. Sometimes I lose my cool (uh, daily) and I don't always serve them vegetables. I just pray that they both always know how much I love them. My two prayers that I pray many many times every day (and often in the middle of the night) are: 1. that they walk with Jesus all the days of their lives and 2. that they always know that they are truly loved and accepted by Dan and me.

Thank you for being a part of our lives, no matter how big or small. Praying for blessings for all of you this week!


jencooper said...

I think you are pretty fabulous, Mama!! Love those boys and their sweet hearts. Maybe they could rub off on my kids......

Cecilia Martin said...

So beautiful and so sweet xoxo