Thursday, June 5, 2014


Check out the incredible growth that took place this year for BOTH boys! Wow!!

Today was Elijah's last day of first grade, the grade I'd (mostly) like to erase from all of our memories. We have such a great feeling about next year, having a better handle on how E operates/thinks and also being on top of teacher selection. Although the year was rough in so many ways, I have to say that we took away some very valuable lessons:

- If his teacher isn't a good fit, PUSH FOR A CHANGE. Elijah NEEDS a good teacher fit in order to succeed in school.

- ALWAYS advocate and press on for answers (medical and otherwise) until we are satisfied and know how to best help our boys!

- Sometimes we just need to be patient. And pray. We have done A LOT of both this year. A whole lot. I am one seasoned, patient pray-er.

- Make specific requests before attending field trips with E. I wish I'd done this at the beginning of the year. Lesson(s) learned.

The rental car is in our driveway and partially packed up! I have almost everything ready to go. Side note on that...holy cow! Cars made after the mid-90's are INCREDIBLE! Dan and I couldn't fathom some of the rental car's features, including brakes that don't need to be pressed all the way to the floor in order to slow down.

I plan to get up at 6:00 and be on the road by 7:00. After a mandatory stop at Caribou (oh-my-goodness, I'm OBSESSED with their caramel iced coolers), we will head to Madison for lunch to meet the boys' Great Auntie Pam for the first time ever. Then it'll be another 6ish hours to Louisville, Kentucky, where we'll be staying for 5 nights with our awesome heart friend Evan and his incredible parents. After that, we'll head to Charlotte to spend a week with my dad, stepmom, brother and (hopefully) brother's girlfriend. We are EXCITED! Adventure awaits!

Posts may be limited for the next few weeks! I'll try to post a few updates, but we'll be busy having FUN! Have a great next couple of weeks and thank you so much for peeking in on us!

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