Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our baby's 4th birthday!

I think it's safe to assume that Sammy had a great golden birthday! We began the day with Straw-Blue-Nkle-Berry Pancakes! 

Because of our (quickly) approaching road trip, I had some errands to run and work to take care of today. Dan and Sammy spent most of the day together. After his nap, the two of us sat at the kitchen table and frosted his birthday cupcakes! He requested rainbow cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkles.

As usual, we wrote out a number with the cupcakes. "Mommy! If you sit on the other side, it's a lowercase H!"

He was SO excited about the card we gave him. He loves singing cards, so this year he got a singing cupcake!

When Dan and Elijah got home from PT/OT, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Sammy and he blew out his number 4 candle for the second time in just a few days!

Then, presents!

He had gotten a bunch of bubbles from family members at his party on Sunday, but spilled ALL of them within a few hours. He was horribly upset about it. I sneaked a few bottles of bubbles into his pile and he loved them! The happy face says it all.

The ONE thing Sammy asked for this year was....a baby chick stuffed animal. ?? I'm not sure where this came from, but I found a cute one for him and he snuggled that thing like crazy! "Awww, sooo cute! He likes to snuggle me! He's SO CUTE, Mommy!"

As usual, Elijah shoots me a perfect smile with eye contact when I say, "Look here and SMILE, boys!" and Sam looks down with his silly, adorable grin. I love my boys!

Our "big" gift to Sammy was a talking Stuart Minion. Both boys were super excited about welcoming him into our family.

Tonight we did our standard Applebee's birthday dinner. Dan and I were just talking about how we're going to keep the boys believing that Applebee's is a super special place, and for as long as we possibly can! Sammy had a fun time at dinner, being sung to and being loved upon. I think he had a great golden birthday!

Our family would not be complete without our beautiful, handsome, FUNNY, silly, smart, growly-voiced, sassy Sammy! He has such a "sweet & sassy" little personality and I feel SO blessed to be his mama!

Car update: My awesome cousin Trevor worked on Big Red for most of the day and delivered her back to us with a new hood! He still has some tweaks to deal with, so we'll get those taken care of in the next day or so. And it doesn't bother me one bit that the hood of our red car is now black. It gets us where we need to go!

Tomorrow: Dan may be skydiving. I have a hundred more errands to run, things to accomplish and items to pack. Sammy will go to daycare after his well visit in the morning. Elijah has his LAST day of first grade (soooo happy to end this school year!). Side note...he has had two "great" days in a row this week! Tomorrow night I'll pick up our rental car and load up for our big trip. We depart Friday morning at 7:00a!

Thanks for checking in! I'm going to kick my heels up for a bit before bed. THANK YOU to those of you who sent Sammy something special in the mail! He LOVED being the center of attention this week and today.

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