Monday, June 2, 2014

Zoo and MOA!

These photos are a bit out of order, so please forgive me. I went along with Elijah's class on their MN Zoo field trip today. Whew! I'm happy to be sitting on my butt right now! I had a GREAT group of four awesome kids who listened well and stuck by my side. We had a fun day, but it was a wee bit long. I had one kid (Elijah) who tired very easily and another who acquired a blister on her heel pretty quickly. Hence, two hours of piggy-back rides. After lunch, I rented a stroller and pushed the two of them around while the other two did a great job of keeping up. It worked out great! AND I got my workout in for the day!

This pic was taken at the MOA on Saturday. We went to a family birthday party and were able to ride on a few rides with my cousin Trevor and his cutie, Veda. Here's E and Veda on the ferris wheel!

This is my Sammy! Here's what I get when I ask him to pose for a picture. :)

For the first time ever, Elijah went on the "fast cars" with someone besides Dan or me. He and Veda had so much fun together! The blurred heads say it all.

So cute!

Happy cousins!

Here is a pic of the boys as we waited in the cell phone lot to pick Dan up from the airport on Saturday evening. We couldn't wait to see him!

And here is our sad car tonight. This is cosmetic and poor Big Red will not be driven with duct tape. :) Hopefully within the next few days we'll have a new hood and be ready for our road trip!

It was such a nice day here in MN today despite the forecast, so I hope you local friends were able to enjoy it!

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