Friday, June 20, 2014

Very random post-trip thoughts

Today was weird. I was foggy-brained, exhausted, sore and impatient. Dan worked at the dz while the boys and I wandered aimlessly around our messy home. Dan had the house totally clean when we got home last night and now? It's a disaster and I don't care. Maybe on Sunday I'll care. Tomorrow I'm shooting a wedding and Dan will be working, so the boys will be spending the day at their Auntie Christine's. Please pray for good behavior and a great day! (Gulp..a little worried.)

Some miscellaneous thoughts.. (Have you noticed I like to write in bullet points lately?)

- I have big plans to organize our home! Mainly for Elijah because from what I've read, NLD kids thrive when their surroundings are organized. In the next few days/weeks, I plan to: 1. create an "alone" space in our closet for Elijah and Sammy to retreat to when they want to be alone, 2. organize our disastrous storage closet, 3. organize our garage, 4. get rid of some toys, despite the boys' pleading not to and 5. go through the boys' clothes/closet. 

- Potty issues were very frustrating on our trip, and even at home today. Something with E is still just not clicking. During our long days of driving in the car, I may as well have had a newborn with all of the pulling over for poop clean-up that was going on. This is extremely frustrating, as it is such a regression from 8-9 months ago.

- We were able to spend time with my brother and his girlfriend while we were in North Carolina and we cherished our time with them! The boys also got to go to two days of VBS at my parents' church, which they both loved. We swam in their neighborhood pool a handful of times, and Sammy even got in the water! And he removed his shirt (major improvement from last summer)!

- I am determined to teach both boys to swim within the next year. Also on the agenda is music lessons! In the NLD book I just read, I learned that musical talent tends to come naturally for these kiddos and it is a great outlet for them. And Sammy has always been musically inclined, so...we will pursue this. Violin? Piano? Both? 

- My dad and stepmom brought us to the Lazy 5 Ranch in NC and it was such a cool place! We traveled in a large wagon amidst very large roaming animals, feeding and petting them. If I hadn't been fending off Elijah attacks, it would have been even more enjoyable. For the first 8-10 days of our trip, the meds (I believe) caused E to totally lash out at me, both verbally and physically. It was rough. And sad. But I kept reminding myself it wasn't "him," and that helped.

Here are some fun L5R pics! Thank you so much for peeking in!

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Anonymous said...

You should look to see if anyone does the Lets Play Music Program. My nieces and nephews have taken it at 4-8 years and it is awesome. It teaches music concepts and has them using different instruments. They know more about music than I do.