Friday, June 27, 2014

Out with the bad.

Elijah's body has been completely free of Clonidine for 48 hours now. Maybe it was one of those fluke days that we see on occasion, but...I noticed a definite improvement in behavior tonight. The constant defiance was gone. He didn't seem to be wanting to make me mad every single second. His tics were VERY minimal. When I asked him to stop what he was doing to come to the table, he obeyed without arguing. Bedtime was super easy. He fell asleep quickly. We are happy that the "sleep meds" are working their way out of his body! We will continue with Valium at a low dose for a few weeks. So far so good. We are seeing glimpses of "normalcy" return. Praying it continues..

My sister very graciously offered to come to our house tomorrow to watch the boys while Dan and I work. Since we both work mainly on weekends in the summer, we have been so blessed to have family who helps us out so much. We are grateful! And the boys are very excited about spending a day with Auntie Lynn and cousin Kaleigh!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm off to charge my camera batteries and organize the rest of our bedroom (much progress was made last night...I know you've been dying to hear an update). :)

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