Monday, June 23, 2014


Elijah is struggling. We are still weaning him off his "sleep" meds and things are pretty tough right now overall. Not nearly as tough as they were a few weeks ago while we were in Kentucky, but still not cool. He wakes up in the mornings looking exhausted, he has long stretches of time when he appears to want to make everyone around him completely unhappy and potty struggles have regressed in a huge way. It's hard to see him like this, but we are thankful that this isn't happening while school is in session.

I brought Elijah to see his ENT doctor today for a pre-op check-up. He got another hearing test and his left ear showed slightly diminished hearing, but it was only conductive (middle and outer ear only, which is fine in his situation). The gal who administered the test told me it was "mind-blowing" that Elijah's inner ear was working at all, considering the damage done to it. I've never heard a medical professional use the word "mind-blowing" before today. Prayer is the answer! We'll get these doctors believing in the power of prayer after all.

I chatted with Dr. L about E's surgery which is set for July 8th. He will check for cholesteatoma regrowth. No regrowth is ideal, but if there is minimal regrowth he'll remove it and attempt to place a prosthesis. There is a 10-20% chance of regrowth, and if there is any we pray that it will be minimal. The likelihood of restoring some of his hearing is GOOD (a miracle, considering the fact that his footplate is totally broken in half). The length of the surgery will be 4+ hours. I asked about the chances of having a difficult recovery like last time and he said, "We won't know until we're there!"

I've managed to push anxiety about this surgery aside for the most part. I'm thinking the behavioral issues we've been dealing with have been a good distraction?! The other night after shooting a wedding and getting home very late and being very tired and vulnerable, I felt some anxiety start to creep in. I had the thought, "How in the world am I going to get through this surgery?!" I envisioned myself in that waiting room, again, worried and wondering what was in store. As is always the case, it seems, I heard just the things I needed to hear in church the next morning. I refuse to let fear/anxiety become my lowercase-god. There is another God who is bigger and that is who I will focus on!

Today I was an organizing fool! The boys' activity corner is completely RE-organized, including a list of activities for the boys to choose from when they are bored. I also started on the toys in the garage (my hugest task of all). It feels great! I have much more to accomplish. Dan has tomorrow off work, so we are hoping to spend some quality time together as a family. Maybe the pool? Followed by a little more....organizing?! :)

Have a great week! I hope you all are enjoying this nice warm weather!


Anonymous said...

Do you think that Elijah's behaviors stem from the loser schedule of summer vacation? Would making a written daily schedule help? Maybe even written bathroom breaks? You are doing a great job with him!

Anonymous said...

That should say LOOSER summer schedule! Ugh!

Dogstars said...

What are they going to do in this surgery? How will it improve his hearing?