Thursday, June 26, 2014

So long, meds!

Elijah is officially done with Clonidine, and I feel VERY good about this. The sleep doctor told me today that it is "extremely unusual" that someone would have adverse sleep reactions while taking this medication. Dr. M #1 said this exact same thing to me recently. Elijah has always been super sensitive to meds. Even when he takes antibiotics for a random infection, he doesn't sleep as well and begins acting out more than usual. At the suggestion of Dr. W (sleep dr), we have been giving E a super-duper low dose of Valium at bedtime for the past three nights. We KNOW this med makes him relax, as we inadvertently learned after his ear surgery in January. Today she suggested adding an anti-anxiety med to the Valium, but...I'd like to hold off on this. I'm ok with a teeny tiny bit of Valium for now, but I have a funny feeling in my gut about adding anything else. I'd like to get past this next ear surgery and our appointment with Dr. M #1 (developmental ped) in mid-July. I'd like to get his thoughts and let the Clonidine get completely out of his system.

The sleep clinic has wristbands that can be worn through the night that monitor activity/sleep. I had them put Elijah on the waiting list, but the typical wait time is four weeks. The wristband can also act as a fitness monitor when worn during the day, so I'm trying to decide whether or not it would be worth it just to buy one! I can see Dan and myself loving something like that. Either way, it will be good to get a detailed report on Elijah's quality of sleep and to FINALLY know the truth about what time he is waking up in the mornings.

The boys and I stopped by an ice cream social on our way home from the doctor today. The proceeds went toward Give Kids the World Village, which has a special place in all of our hearts and is such an incredible organization. The people working the ice cream booth were so excited to hear that Elijah was a wish kid! The ice cream was yummy and the boys enjoyed their mid-afternoon treat.

Tomorrow the boys will be at daycare all day (please pray for Elijah and behavior!) and I get a work day at home. Dan will be working all weekend. I am shooting another wedding on Saturday and on Sunday we are hoping to spend a night at the dropzone...only the boys' and my second time there this year! We have some fun play dates planned for early in the week, with some cleaning and organizing sprinkled in between. And then on Thursday? Our wonderful friends and fellow heart family from Texas, the Coopers, will be arriving AT OUR HOUSE! I can hardly stand it! I'm so excited to love on them and show them our city/state. And to take my heart mama friend skydiving!

I'm off to organize our bedroom a bit before bed. :) Thanks for checking in!

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