Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thinking in bullet points tonight.

- I'm feeling super thankful for the wonderful people in our lives. My cousin Trevor (our "car doctor," as the boys call him) has been such a huge help with our cars over the years. He so willingly helps us when we are in need of car help. He stopped by tonight to peek at our hood issue and he will spend a part of his day tomorrow replacing said injured hood. Then my stepmom VERY graciously offered to purchase a rental car for the boys and me so we won't have to fret about my old car crumbling on the interstate as we drive across the country. The road trip is ON and with much less stress! Thank you, wonderful people whom we love so much!

- I read an insightful chapter in my NLD book today and have contemplated it for most of the afternoon. Basically, whenever Elijah acts out, he is either overwhelmed or confused. We need to provide him with a "safe" place in our home that he can escape to when needed (especially since he does not have his own bedroom). We need to learn how to provide him with as much predictability as possible, especially when we're away from home. Over-explaining things/schedules repeatedly (something I've ALWAYS done) is very helpful for him.

- Sammy's fourth golden birthday is TOMORROW! I remember his birth so clearly. I was scared, really scared, for surgery. I remember his deep growl and I remember the doctor shouting, "HE'S SEVEN POUNDS EVEN!" I remember holding him and wondering why there weren't wires, tubes and IV poles attached to him. I remember loving him like absolute crazy and not wanting to even sleep because I adored him so much and wanted to be touching him at all times. I remember Elijah meeting him for the first time and saying, "Can I hold it?!" :)

- I love how Sammy says "pecause" instead of "because" and "long-mower" instead of "lawn mower."

- So many things have been making more sense lately as I continue to absorb new information about Elijah. I've been thinking about all those times when I became annoyed because he had to know the guy's name in the car next to us on the interstate or how many minutes/miles it would take for us to arrive at a certain destination or what time and date we would be able to see a certain person again. He was labeling everything! It wasn't OCD (like I've thought all along). He needed a verbal label and he needed it repeated in order to remember it.

- I am so excited to spend time with my wonderful heart mom friend Sarah and her two wonderful boys! Just a few more days!

- Tonight I found Sammy outside with his new squirt gun, washing my injured car's windows so thoughtfully and carefully. He even began washing the tires!

- Elijah willingly washed a few dishes on his own tonight. I have no idea what was going on there. Is there a full moon tonight?

- I hate packing. Are there Packing Assistants for hire?

- Sammy requested StraBlueNkle pancakes in the morning for breakfast. Short for: strawberry-blueberry-sprinkle pancakes. We'll make it happen for the golden birthday boy!

- I'm off to wrap Sammy's birthday gifts. Here's hoping our sweet youngest boy has a memorable golden birthday!

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