Wednesday, June 2, 2010

38 weeks, 5 days (!!!)

I figured I would wrap up the lounging pics..

Not much changed since last week's visit with the doctor, so we are set for a 7:00 a.m. c-section on Friday. I have prayed so hard for a 39-week delivery and now that it looks like it is going to happen I can hardly believe it!

I am feeling crabby today, mostly because I'm extremely physically uncomfortable. I am sore and achy in the strangest places. Every time I stand up, I think, "Hmmm, that is an odd place to be sore.." I am pretty excited to have a non-pregnant body again.

Our house is clean, laundry is done and bags are packed. We are ready to go! We have some scheduling things to figure out for Elijah (kind of hard to expect other people to watch your child starting at 4:30 on a Friday morning), but we will get it all figured out.

It is so hard to believe that my contractions never got out of control (more than 5-6/hour) with this pregnancy. I would have bet so much money on not being pregnant for this long. I am very thankful for it, though!

I almost forgot!! Here are a few funny Elijah translations:
coupon = "poo-con"
polka dots = "poke-uh-nots"
drifting = "dripping"
banana = "ba-man-ah"


ThePicks said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Porta family of four has a nice ring to it!! Best wishes for the big arrival on friday!!! Yay!!! Can't wait to meet him =)


Cecilia said...

Yap, can't wait to meet with your new addition on Friday!

Just love the picture of your cutie pie!

MarenJustinKade said...

Megan and Dan...I may have a child but I know for a fact I can get to your house by 4am me.

Andrea said...

Wow! 39 weeks! Incredible! I'm so excited to "meet" the newest Porta! Hang in there these last few days Megan. You will be holding your precious little one soon!

Lee Family said...

Don't forget to take Before and After pregnancy photos, before your C-Section.
It is always nice to show your little one how big he got in Mommy's Tummy..

Kathy said...

Friday..HOLY COW!
I can't believe it!!!
I"m so excited for you guys! Way to go Zooter...good job hanging out with mama for so long!

Tracy said...

Wishing you the very best of luck for tomorrow ... it's going to be a great day! Wow, 39 weeks ... so wonderful :)!