Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chillin at home today

This is my first day at home totally alone with the boys and it is indeed challenging to keep things (and a certain 3-year-old) in line. Patience patience patience!

I'm struggling with being the mean mommy who is always saying SSSHHHHHH! and giving time-outs and just generally being crabby. Hopefully I won't always have to be (or at least feel like) the meanie mommy.

We did make it to the park this morning, thanks to my magic sling! Right now Samson is sleeping and Elijah is eating lunch and things are relatively peaceful. I better go grab some lunch while I have the chance!


Vanessa said...

I know how you feel. I have been feeling like the mean mommy myself. I think it will get better.

Way to go on making it out to the park. I feel so bad for not taking Arianna anywhere this weekend. I'm just SO tired.

Well I had a few minutes while Devin was sleeping and wanted to check on you guys.

Take care,

mina said...

Hang in there, mom! It will get easier as both the boys adapt!

Sarah said...

Wow... that sling looks really cool! I don't believe they had those when I had Evan or, I just didn't know about them. I can only imagine a day alone with a baby and Evan... I think we would eventually find a groove but, I'm sure it's very stressful. Hope today the sling lets you feel less mean and more "normal". Smile and hugs.

Cecilia said...

You've done a great job, Megan!

Look at your two precious little men, just wanna hug and kiss them.

Have a nice week!

Kathy said...

Those boys are too cute...I can't believe that you haven't gobbled them up yet!
and..I think there's something in Sam's ear...he's pointing right at it...trying to show us!

Ehlan said...

Ahhhh, the mean Mommy. She certainly rears her head sometimes in our house... not nearly as much as she did when Aidan was tiny. Praying for you; those days can be tough!