Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I just got done scheduling Elijah's summer appointments. He has follow-ups with urology, neurosurgery, genetics, a teeth cleaning and possibly an ENT appointment that we have been avoiding. Fun!

Yesterday was a little rough on the Sam front. FUSSY FUSSY FUSSY!! We have known he has some gas issues and that could be the reason for all of the sudden screaming but we really aren't sure what is going on with our little guy. He constantly acts hungry and if he isn't eating or sleeping he can usually be found screaming his head off. Thank goodness Dan was around to help yesterday. I'm not sure how I would have handled it alone. Today has been a little bit better so far.

We moved Sam to his crib last night! It was the first night we didn't have him in bed with us and although it was a little sad for me, it went really well. He still wakes up every three hours to eat, but sleeps great (usually) when he isn't eating.

We are going to attempt a trip out of the house today. Elijah is still sleeping in a crib, so we are going to check out some big boy beds for him. Thanks for checking in!


Cecilia said...

Sam maybe fussy sometimes but is seriously cute!!!

We hope everything goes well with Elijah's summer appointments.

Have a nice week!

Lee Family said...

I am sorry to her that same is fussy a lot, but the cuteness makes up for it.
How exciting a big boy bed for ELijah he must be thrilled. Hope the transition goes good.

Keep your head up and sleep every chance you get. But from the sounds of it, it is not that much.

Hugs coming your way....

mina said...

That's quite a schedule! I hope the fussies go away soon!

Kathy said...

Megan..my Eli was a GAS pot. I put those gas drops in his bottle like EVERY single feed.

and I just LOVE that first pic of Elijah...that's his little personality...so stinkin' cute.
Would you please decide to take a trip here...
with your kids..
and they can scream all they want here...I KNOW they can't touch Isaac's constant screaming!