Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catching up

I have a backlog of photos I want to post before we head to the hospital tomorrow.

I love this one..

Have I mentioned that Elijah loves playing with his ears?

Elijah adores his "Auntie Wynn."

Drinking some milk with "tickle glubs" on.


He likes to hide under this blanket on our bed like a silly boy.

Getting guitar lessons from Ben. :)

We are preparing for our big day tomorrow! It is a little strange to think that we are going to come back to this house after the weekend as a family of FOUR.

I will have Dan write an update as soon as it is convenient tomorrow, once the baby is born. We would appreciate any prayers you are willing to send our way for a smooth c-section and for good health for the baby! Thank you!!


Sarah said...

Absolutely! We will be praying and checking in! Hugs to you.

Amber said...

Praying for a safe, uneventful delivery!!!

Cara said...

God's blessings as you bring the newest Porta into the world. Will be praying and thinking of you guys all day. Awesome, Awesome! Love you all. Cara

Cecilia said...

Sending our prayers and love your way. We will be thinking of you guys tomorrow. Can't wait to meet with baby Porta!

Tina:0) said...

Welcome to 39 weeks, Momma!Definitely praying for a safe arrival for "Not-Zooter" tomorrow!

Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

Good Luck Porta Family!!!!