Thursday, June 10, 2010

Six days old

Minus some serious destruction of certain body parts of mine related to feeding Sam, things are really going great. Samson is an amazingly good baby. He is a great sleeper and a great eater and just a mellow, happy fellow. We are so blessed to have him as a part of our family!

I have to admit that before Samson was born I did a lot of wondering about how I could possibly love another child as much as I love Elijah. I bonded with Elijah when he was still in my belly and ever since, I have just loved that kid with my whole heart. When I didn't bond with Sam during pregnancy, I worried about that. But, there was nothing to worry about because once I met him in person I fell totally in love! It seems so impossible that love can grow with each child, but it is miraculously true. I am completely in love with both of my little boys!! I feel so thankful for them.

That's all for now! Thank you for checking in on us.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...let's see-- a great eater, a great sleeper, and just a mellow, happy fellow. Did you mean Samsom or Dan? :) I think I may know where Sammy gets his disposition!
Great pics, honey-- if only I could hold him... 54 days and counting!
Grammie P.

Samantha said...

He is so precious Megan and Dan! I am so happy for you!!! I am so happy that you are all enjoying him so much and Elijah is such a proud big brother!!!

Many hugs!!!

Cecilia said...

Just love the pictures of your two precious little boys, simply adorable!

You and Dan should proud of yourselves because you are great parents!

Have a nice weekend!

jencooper said...

What a cutie pie!! I look forward to checking your blog every day to see pics of both of those beautiful boys!!

Elijah looks so proud to be a big brother!

Cabbage leaves.....throw them in the freezer. They help relieve some of the pain. Just throw them in your bra. Helped me tremendously!!

Tracy said...

Thanks so much for sharing these pictures! You are truly blessed with wonderful little boys :). I'm so glad things are going well. It is hard to imagine being able to love another child as much as your first ... but then your heart just grows and overflows for each one that joins your family ... and soon (if not already) you won't be able to imagine your life without that new little one :). Bless you all and enjoy each & every moment ... they grow up way too fast :). xo