Saturday, June 12, 2010


Sam likes to cross his feet just like his big brother Elijah does.

If it weren't for my many bodily discomforts, this week would have been a complete breeze. I'm having some problems with feeding Sam, so the possibility of not being able to nurse him is looming and just thinking about that makes me very very sad. In fact, I cannot talk about it without crying. I keep praying that things will work out, but I don't see how it will be possible.

Our little Samson had his first post-birth doctor's visit yesterday. He weighed 6 lbs, 13 oz, which is almost his birth weight. It usually takes babies two weeks to get back to their birth weights, so this is awesome! It was weird/surreal to be at the doctor and not have to discuss serious topics. As I have said before, this experience is so completely different from our last experience. It makes me want to have three more! Kidding.

Sammy is needing some mama love, so I better go munch him up..


Anonymous said...

Before you give up, go to a lactation consultant. (hospitals usually offer a free or cheap visit) I had to with all 4 of my kids and it really helped...and I was very discouraged as well. Hang in there. Remember that if it doesn't work, it's not the end of the world. The most important thing is a happy baby and a happy mommy.

Amy, Mitch and Wilson said...

Hello Portas!

Official congratulations on the arrival of Samson! He is wonderful and handsome and I just love the photos of him with Elijah!

Hang in there on nursing. I had to pump exclusively for Wilson, but I have heard from several of my friends that it can take 2 weeks or more to get the hang of things. (Have you tried nursing shields? I think Medela makes some.)

We're thinking of you as you adjust to your new lives together. You are a wonderful family!

Amy (and Mitch and Wilson)

Chad said...

Please don't feel sad or alone Megan...nursing was HANDS DOWN the most challenging, painful (at first), emotional (good and bad), but rewarding thing I have ever done (or ever will!). I agree with the person who recommended the lactation consultant, unless you've already gone that route. They know what they're talking about and helped me tremendously (both times). Whatever you decide to do, know in your heart that you are doing the right thing and don't let yourself (or anyone else) make you feel differently because there is no "right" or "wrong" decision.

Love you!

M said...

Get a Medela nursing shield, they are sold at Target!!!

Cecilia said...

Samson is seriously cute like his big brother. Love the picture of Dan and Sam ... so sweet!

Don't be sad Megan, you'll be fine soon.

Have a nice weekend!

Amber said...

The whole nursing thing...yeah, toughest, craziest thing. You think it looks beautiful and is, but only like 6-8wks in! *sometimes* Hang in there bff went through significant hurdles and came out quite the cow...I'm just sayin, it ended up working out for her. Want her #? ;0)
You'll be alright...give yourself grace on the tears right now...there is MUCH going on in that body of yours.
NOW..onto that yummy baby that I wish I could sink my teeth into! You have been so good about giving us our fixes...super appreciate that!
Also...way to go on growing him! Those numbers are awesome!!!!
Thinkin of ya friend.

Lee Family said...

I am so sorry you are having a hard time breatfeeding Sam. Hang in there. Hugs coming your way.

He is such a cutie pie, just like his brother.

mina said...

Same is so sweet! I hope you can figure out the nursing problems; I agree that talking to a lactation consultant can help a lot. I had so many problems in the first 8 weeks with Bilal, but we kept it up for almost 9 months in the end!

jencooper said...

What a cutie cutie!! He is adorable.

I second the lactation consultant. I had to use one with Bennett. Also used the Medela shields. They helped those first 6 weeks or so. Also, if you need to increase your supply, buy some Fenugreek. It is a natural herb and you can get it anywhere. But...beware that it will make you smell like maple syrup. I was always laughing at myself for smelling like a big waffle.

Hang in there. You have to do what is right for you and your body!!

Kristi G. said...

I have read your blog for the last year or so but haven't ever commented. Your family is beautiful and congrats on the arrival of Samson! I love the name and he is just precious!

My baby is 8 weeks old now. She is my 3rd and I have had major breastfeeding obstacles. My nipples were blistered, raw and bleeding the first week and it was so painful I was in tears several times. It DID get better though. I do still get a little sore sometimes if I don't get a good latch. My daughters issue was her latch. She sucked on her bottom lip in utero, and it still sucks inwards with every suck. It is really strange. Her lower jaw seems really tiny and I am going to take her to an occupational therepist

Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble about myself! I would HIGHTLY reccomend you seeing a lactation consultant! They can be such a huge help. I know how hard it is to WANT to breastfeed and feel like you can't. My 1st was a preemie and latched on great in the delivery room but the NICU gave her a bottle against my wishes and I never was able to get her to breastfeed again (though it was 10 years ago and I was 17). If breastfeeding is important to you, try and stick with it and get some help. =) You are a great Mommy! I am sure you are already doing this, but try lanolin or olive oil on your nipples and warm and cold compresses. Good luck!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Ohhhh How on earth did I miss the birth of Sampson!!! (I still like zooter) Congrats to you all... I can see Eli in him... they are both adorable. You are a very lucky girl to have three gorgeous guys in your life!
Take care and stay happy!!