Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Elijah

One thing I did not expect was to love this little boy even more than I did before Samson was born. Somehow, having a baby has made my love for Elijah grow. Maybe it's because I see him making sacrifices and giving up time with us that he had before. All I know is that I can't get enough of him and he seems like such a BIG boy to me now. I am the world's luckiest mama!


Cecilia said...

Is he a keen gardener? He looks like he is having great fun.

Lovely pictures of Elijah as always!

Have a good week!

mina said...

So sweet! Love the pics!

Lee Family said...

What a cutie pie, love the photos.

ThePicks said...

These photos are sooo much fun!! Thanks for sharing =) Lots of love,

The RA

Cindy said...

Could these pics be any cuter?? Love how much Elijah is being so sweet to his new brother! I'm sure it would be hard for you to be any happier right now!!!