Monday, November 7, 2011

Cardiology and a Sammy update

Elijah had a cardiology check-up with Dr. G today. It went great! The ventricles in his heart are smaller, which means his heart isn't working as hard as it was before surgery. YAY! This is exactly what we wanted to hear. I told him that his endurance is much better than it was even six months ago (he never would have been able to walk around the mall back then like he did last week), and he said that was a great sign.

Most of the visit involved knock-knock jokes. Elijah told Dr. G some of his recent favorites (courtesy Yo Gabba Gabba):

E: Knock knock!
Dr. G: Who's there?
E: Lion!
Dr. G: Lion who?
E: Lyin' on your doorstep, can you let me in?!

E: Knock knock!
Dr. G: Who's there?
E: Sherlock
Dr. G: Sherlock who?
E: 'Sure lock your door! Somebody could break in!

E: Knock knock!
Dr. G: Who's there?
E: Interrupting Cow!
Dr. G: Interrupting c....

Then Dr. G attempted a knock-knock joke and got it mixed up, so Elijah and I giggled at him. He promised to practice and have a few better ones for us next time!

We will head back in six months for an echo, and likely another heart cath will follow. When we were leaving the office, Elijah kept saying, "Mom! We don't got (forgot) the gel!" He was trying to tell me that we forgot to get an echo. Next time, sweetie!

It's pretty amazing to watch Elijah strut around the halls at the heart clinic. I found myself thinking back to "old times" today. First of all, the really uncertain times back when he was just days/weeks/months old, when we had no clue what to expect. Then, fairly recent times, when he was afraid of the blood pressure machine, as well as anyone who even looked in his general direction. Now he's this big, brave boy who confidently walks around the hall saying "hi" to everyone and sitting patiently while his blood pressure and oxygen sats are measured. I'm so proud of how far our little man has come.

And Sammy is still improving, slowly but surely. We make him sooo mad every time it's time to take medicine, but we have to make sure he takes all of it. Pinning down his arms for medicine-time and watching his confused eyes plead with me is not fun. :(

Hoping for a healthy week for us, and for all of you, too!


mina said...

Yay for a great cardiology update. And for a happy, cooperative Elijah :)

Hoping Sammy is feeling better soon!

Sarah said...

So happy to hear about the good cardio report. He is an amazing, brave little guy!

Cecilia said...

Congratulations on a wonderful cardiology report!

I liked all Elijah's knock-knock jokes, he is so brainy and funny!!!

dxeechick said...

it makes me so happy to read about Elijah's growth. Gives me a lot of hope and smiles for the future with our little guy :))