Friday, November 25, 2011

Out with turkey, in with lights

As Elijah has been saying today, Thanksgiving-time is done and Christmas-time is here. We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with family yesterday, and now we are already thinking about the next holiday!

We got up this morning and picked out a Christmas tree for our living room. It's big and beautiful and partially decorated (so no pics yet!). Elijah loves it. Sammy is indifferent.

This was the first time both boys met Santa! Elijah acted shy at first, and then he was totally indifferent. I don't think Sam even noticed. He just wanted to be in mama's arms.

I love this photo. It's like Sammy is saying to Elijah, "Can you believe Mom is making us sit with this guy?" I'm sure there will be much more of that in our lifetime.

The boys had fun with their cousins this morning. We even got to see Santa's reindeer! I didn't get pics of them because Sam was being clingy.

And here is a family portrait with Santa!

Sammy had a pretty fussy day and had a low-grade fever AGAIN. Dan brought him into the doctor. Again. And, nothing appears to be the matter. Teeth? Perhaps. We hope.

I want to write just a few things and then I want to get my butt on the couch for relax-time..

Elijah and I had a sweet moment today. I laid down for a nap when Sam did, around 12:30. Dan put Elijah down shortly after, and in bed with me (he has been napping in our bed a lot lately so he and Sammy don't wake each other). When he got into bed, I heard a "loud whisper" say, "MOMMY?! MOM?" I peeked over at him and he smiled and grabbed my hand. We laid next to each other, holding hands, for 20 minutes or so. Elijah fell asleep and I stayed awake and watched his sweetness and thanked God for him and Sam. At one point he startled himself awake and his hand fell from mine. He realized what had happened and grabbed my hand again and fell back asleep. I love those moments! They make up for the ones that occupy most of our days involving poop, sass and sibling-hitting.

I will end with a very funny funny! A few nights ago all four of us were in the loft after bath-time. Sammy was reading a book and Dan and I were cleaning up a bit. Elijah came up to me with his hands on his hips and said, "Mom! Wook at THIS shaky body!" and shifted his little hips from side to side to side to side. Dan and I laughed for a long long time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Cecilia said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love all the photos of you and the family!

Have a nice weekend!

jencooper said...

I love his shaky body!! So cute!!