Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011 and a Sammy update

Halloween was a ton of fun this year! It gets more fun with Elijah every year, and soon Sammy will be enjoying it, too.

We took Superman and our little bumble bee to a nearby mall, where the stores hand out candy. It is a WARM way to enjoy trick-or-treating and Halloween in general.

Dan's mom and sister were able to join us for trick-or-treating, and that made it so much more fun. We were all happy to have them there with us! Thanks, guys, for joining us!

Elijah walked the entire perimeter of the mall (both upstairs and down) by himself! That was by far more than he was able to do last year.

When we got home, Sammy went straight to bed (sorry, Sam), and Elijah gobbled down loads of sugar. Thankfully being so tired from the walking overruled the sugar high, and he didn't have any trouble sleeping.

Before he went to bed, though, he was able to help us hand out candy to trick-or-treaters stopping by our house. I could tell he thought it was cool being on the other side of the door. I was glad he got to experience the giving-sharing part of a fun holiday!

Today Sammy is still running a temp off and on. Gradually the temps are coming down over time, but we are still dealing with 101-102-degree temps at times. We are hoping that today is the turn-around day! We have managed to get most of Sam's medicine in his force. Medicine-time is pretty traumatic. I wish he wouldn't fight it so much!

Sam taught Elijah and I a few new dances today. He does the chicken dance, which goes: chin to chest, chin up in air, repeat (walk while doing this). He also has a new arm dance, and his standard ear to shoulder dance. Elijah finds Sam's dancing hilarious, as do the rest of us. About every ten minutes I hear Elijah say, "Sammy, pwease do your chicken dance! Sam, pwease dance for us!"

We are off to take much-needed naps! Have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Poor Sam! Feel better soon you sweet little bumblebee!!


The Huttners

Cecilia said...

Hope Sam feels better soon. I liked the costumes of Sam & Elijah, they looked adorable!