Thursday, November 10, 2011

Samma Jamma

Now I'm out of pictures to post! Ahhh! A week ago I had too many and now I have none.

I wanted to post a quick Sammy update. He is doing MUCH better. His temp is gone, he is sleeping well and he appears to be feeling great based on his level of sass and spunk. :) He has even gotten a little bit better about taking his medicine. For the past couple nights when Dan and I put it in his mouth, instead of spitting it out he gargles it, swallows it and then smiles. Much better! Thanks, Sam!

Here are a few of Sammy's latest words:
magnet = GAAA!
open = DA! (he says this when he wants help opening a door or a book or a dvd case or a box or anything at all)
Elijah = uh-YA-YA (it is sooo cute to hear him saying Elijah's name...he stands up in bed when I get him in the morning and this is the first thing he says)
good-night = nigh-nigh
bib = bi (repeats this until we put a bib on him at meal times)

A couple more cute Sam things..
We have to be careful about putting on shoes/coats/hats unless we intend to go outside and bring Sam with us. If I put a pair of shoes on, Sammy runs to the stairs and grabs his hat and shoes and hands them to me. Then he points to his coat.

He finds it hilarious when we brush his teeth. The bristles tickle the roof of his mouth, so he giggles like mad.

We are LOVING having Dan home more often now that skydiving season is all wrapped up. This coming weekend will be our first full weekend with him in far too long. Can't wait! More later..

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Cecilia said...

It is really great fun to watch your children grow because they are so different everyday!

Have a nice weekend!