Monday, November 21, 2011

The first snow

We were planning to get out much more than we did this weekend, but the snow/ice kept us inside for a lot of the time. We built forts and watched movies and did lots of playing and very little cleaning and laundry.

When Elijah looked out the window on Sunday morning, he said, "Mom! Wook! The snow got glued to the ground over night!"

This is Elijah's new look. Comfy pants with a t-shirt and one of Dan's old button-up shirts from when he was younger. And he likes having most of the buttons unbuttoned. :)

After spending a few days with my cuties, I have a few funnies to share!

Sammy is currently quite intrigued by belly buttons. He pulls his shirt up and peeks around his big round belly until he finds it, and then says, "Buh-buh!" Then he goes to the rest of us, one by one, and lifts up our shirts until he finds our belly buttons. Yesterday I caught him checking the wrong side of my body for my belly button, as he tried to pull my pants off!

Every night before bed, after books and prayers, Elijah and I sing songs. We have always gone in spurts where we sing the same sequence of songs every night for a period of time. Lately we have been singing Jesus Loves the Little Children THREE times in a row. The first time we sing it the "correct" way, the second time, we say, "red, yellow, blue and white," which is following by much giggling, and the third time we say, "red, yellow, purple and white," which is followed by even more giggling.

Elijah's conversations with himself are so funny. He can carry on with these self-chats for 20 minutes or more. Back and forth, talking about everything and anything. Our boy loves to talk! The other day in the car he was doing this, talk-talk-talking to himself, when he stopped and said, "I doing talk-podge!" Dan and I busted up laughing. What a perfect word for it! Talk-podge! I love it.

Elijah has also started doing a new laugh that cracks me up. The best way to describe it is a fake chortle. I have a hard time controlling my laughter every time I hear it.

That's all I can think of for now. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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Sarah said...

Love talk podge, lol!
Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!
Sorry for the croup episode.
Evan yelled out while I was leaving this comment - "Mommy it's 10:00 woohoo!"