Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mid-November tidbits

Sammy's fever returned a few days ago, but on a much smaller scale (below 100 degrees). We had two different doctors check him out and they were not concerned. His ears looked fine and his lungs sounded clear.

Our lives have been fairly boring recently. So I'll fill up some space with some cute boy stuff, and sadly, still no photos. It's either feast or famine with me!

Elijah has been very interested in the time and date recently. He will stare at the digital clock in our bedroom and wait for the minutes to pass so he can read a new time. "Mom, it's 6:32? Soon it will be 6:33?.......Mom, it's 6:33! Next is 6:34!" And every day, he tells me the date at least five to ten times. "Mom, today is November sixteen! After November 16 is November 17! After November 17 is November 18!" and on and on... Also, he has been in tune with the weather and the sun and the moon and what they are all doing. "The moon is up and the sun is down? It's a cloudy day and windy, too? It's cold?"

This is super strange and we cannot figure it out, but there is a ball at daycare that Sam is TERRIFIED of. This is the kid who adores balls! The kid who talks about balls aaaaaall the time! But when he sees this one particular ball, he latches onto whoever is near and a complete look of terror comes across his face. ???

Elijah continues to tell Sammy not to say the things he likes to say so much: Brrrrrmm brrrrrmmm (when he sees a car or airplane), Mmmmmm (when he's eating), Issssss (means "shoes" or "hat" or "blankie"). Elijah often says, "No saying 'Brrrmm brrrmm' SAM!" The funny thing is that now Sam knows that it irritates him, so he will get right in Elijah's face and say it even louder: BRRRRRRMMMM BRRRMMMMMM! :) As you can guess, Elijah doesn't think this is very funny.

The boys are still doing their chase game around the house. They both love it. They run from the back bathroom, through the kitchen and into the living room and back if we're downstairs, and from the loft and down the hall to their bedroom and back if we're upstairs. And all the while, they are squealing and giggling.

Sammy still has a lot of stranger anxiety. Or, anyone-except-Daddy anxiety. He's so good at giving people the stare-down if they are getting too close. And only very recently has he started coming willingly to me when Dan is around. He's a tough one to crack! Lately, his thing to do is to turn around and scooch his butt into my lap so he's basically sitting on me. That's code for DON'T LEAVE ME, MAMA.

Elijah got to tour a fire station last weekend, thanks to our firefighter friend Joel. He even got to sit in the driver's seat and pretend he was driving! We got to watch Joel slide down the fire pole and we learned all about the trucks and equipment. It was fun!

That's all I've got for now!


Cecilia said...

Just hope Sammy's fever will soon be gone!

You have two such funny, cute, adorable and smart boys, lucky lady!!!

Sarah said...

Again - Evan & Elijah reminding me of one another. In the past 6 months maybe Evan has become ecstatic when he catches the time on the hour or half hour. He will wait & watch if it's close. He will say "Yes!!! It's 11:00!"