Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Croup: Season 2, Round 4

I lied. The NEXT post will be about HAIR! :)

So. Elijah's Cough has been lingering in his body since Thanksgiving. It's been on a little roller coaster, getting better, almost non-existent, then worse and disturbing his sleep and up and down and up and down. It has not really gotten BAD, though, not the BAD that we saw last year, but it has not completely gone away, either. Yesterday Cough kicked things up a notch and I could hear in the way Elijah was breathing that he was probably going to get croup, so we gave him a preventative dose of steroids and a nebulizer treatment before bed.

At 10:00, just as Dan and I were drifting off to sleep, we heard the stridor over the baby monitor and we began our family Croup Drill. This was the worst episode so far this year, and it even rivaled some of the scarier episodes from last year. Elijah got pretty scared when he couldn't catch a breath and that made things worse. Dan took him outside (I wonder if our neighbors think it's weird that we occasionally like to hang out outside in our underwear?) so the cold air could open up his airway. It took a few minutes, but as always our little trick worked. We gave him an epi neb and put him back to bed and listened to quite a bit of coughing throughout the rest of the night.

He is still junky this morning and I'm sure Cough will be hanging around and disturbing sleep throughout the Porta household this week like a champ. At least our little boy is safe. I will never get used to those scary episodes. They certainly do a good job of freaking me out.


Cara said...

Praying for the Cough to leave for good and certainly for no more scary episodes!

Love all the posts lately! Now if only I could get motivated with our blog. Ha!

Loving you guys more with each post!

jencooper said...

Dear Cough,

I am going to need you to pack your bags and take a permanent vaction. No one likes you. You are not wanted. Please leave.


Lee Family said...

Do you think he has asthma. I mean I don't know. I know Elizabeth would get like that when she was a baby but not that bad, and we lived in TX at the time and soon as we moved to Las Vegas her Asthma got a little better, It was becuase of the humedity. Now that we are in dry weather it really helps out so It was a good thing we moved here. But is Elijah on regular medication for all that is going on.
I really hope this cough goes away. Sending prayers your way

Cecilia said...

Sorry about your little man's scary episode! I hope he is better now.

Sending our prayers your way!

Tina:0) said...

Ugh. I agree with Jennifer... add my name to that letter, please!!!

Glad you have the meds & nebs to give him & that trick up your sleeve! Hope Mr. Elijah is back to no coughing, soundly sleeping nights (until at least 5:30;0) soon!

Kathy said...

oh my gosh Megan...Karen could be onto something. YOU guys should move to Vegas...the dry air would be just perfect for Elijah!
but, seriously, it could be asthma..and he need daily meds for it.

sorry that he (and you guys) have to deal with this. That would freak me out too.

i just adore you guys.
OH...guess what? My niece that lives in South Dakota, graduates from high school in May...and we're going out! So, go ahead and pencil me in sometime that month!!!
OUR babies will get to meet...so exciting!

hug that cutie pie