Monday, January 11, 2010

Early bird Elijah

Dan enjoyed a weekend with his friends in the northern woods, playing football in the snow, catching up and savoring the final hours of ALL OF THAT HAIR. Meanwhile, Elijah and I were in our warm, cozy house, listening to music, doing a lot of walking, being silly and having tons of play time.

Elijah decided that he wanted to try to make me as tired as he possibly could, waking up at unfathomably early times each morning (3:59 and 4:47) and only taking one-hour naps.

This week we are going to experiment with his bed time to see if we can get this early waking under control. I think he has the Early Bird gene (where he got this, I have no idea), but I also think we can move his wake-up times to a more tolerable hour. 6:00 would be great!

Have a great week, everyone!

My next post will be all about HAIR!


Cecilia said...

I just love the smile and the way he looks at the camera in the last picture!

Have a nice week!

Lee Family said...

He really loves the Camera, He is just so cute and it really shows :)

I hope you get his getting up early under control that is no fun then having to work all day and come home exhausted and don't want to do anything. Good Luck.

Ehlan said...

Oh man...I sure hope you have some good luck with 6:00...those times are intolerable. :) Adorable pics! Can't wait to see you soon!

ThePicks said...

I love the look on Elijah's face in the last picture where he's playing with the playdoh. He looks like he has a secret! Hopefully the experiments on bed time help him (and you guys) be able to "sleep in" a bit!