Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009. You were a great year.

I'm a little bit sad to say goodbye to 2009. It was a really really good year for us. 2010 will bring some major changes for our family, and I feel partly afraid but mostly excited about it all.

Happy New Year to you all! (Turn up your volume and enjoy our 2009 slide show!)


MarenJustinKade said...

I LOVE photo 64, Elijah is reading his book with his legs crossed, such a silly little man. Beautiful slide show, made me cry!

Lee Family said...

All of the photos are so cute. Have a Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I am blessed to have shared in your life this past year. Thank you. I will continue to read and pray for your family this next year as you add another member. smg

Cecilia said...

Me too, I love photo 64 ... how cute!

Thanks a lot for making such a lovely slide show!

Love and hugs xoxo

Andrea said...

Beautiful! You have such a lovely family. I am looking forward to see what 2010 brings! Happy New Year!