Thursday, December 31, 2009

Potty chair

Don't tell Elijah I'm posting these photos on the internet!

We haven't made much progress lately with potty training, but I feel good that we've gotten the process started.

I'm not sure why he was wearing boots as part of his potty attire, but he could not look any cuter, in my opinion.

Although we're not necessarily making progress with potty training, progress IS being made in other areas.

Elijah had a VERY exciting physical therapy session last night (once the initial standard drama ended). He initiated independent walking repeatedly and took up to TWELVE steps completely on his own each time. He is getting so so so so close!

Things I have heard E say in the past few days:

"Let's go find Daddy!"
"Let's go look!"
"Here comes Daddy!"

I'm so proud of our little talker and almost-walker!!


Lee Family said...

Oh I just love that third picture he looks so sneaky and maschevious.
I hope you guys have a good weekend. Enjoy your new year what ever you plan to do.

Cecilia said...

I love his little boots, he looks so adorable!

Happy New Year!!!