Monday, December 28, 2009

Happenings from our Christmas weekend

We hung out without clothes on, minus boots and a diaper. (Ok, only one of us did that.)

Elijah asked me a lot if he could take a "bite" of my water, or whatever I happened to be drinking at the time.

Dan and I poured sparkling pear juice into champagne flutes and Elijah thought it was hilarious to "tink" his milk cup against our glasses and say, "CHEERS!"

We snuggled up and watched some fun movies and read a lot of books.

Elijah enjoyed closing himself in the cupboard in the guest bathroom. This kid is not afraid of dark, enclosed spaces.

We did not leave our house much, which was nice and also not so nice. We learned that Defiant Elijah is more prone to exposing himself after being cooped up inside for a few days.

We made sure to tell Jesus "Happy birthday!" on Christmas Day.

We did NOT: clean, work on potty training, eat vegetables or do laundry (except for Elijah's sheets/blankets after the random bloody nose he got on Saturday night).

It snowed a lot.

Elijah played in the snow for the first time! Actually, he just sat in the snow. But he loved it!

He also refused a couple entire meals, which has been happening with increasing frequency.

He explored the art of pushing Mama and Daddy's buttons.

And he got a ton of loot from family and friends.

He loved ALL of his Christmas gifts, but his absolute favorites seem to be: Thomas the train flashlight and Elmo computer from Grandma, Thomas the Train book from Auntie Christine and toy motorcycle and latch board from Dan and me.

He thought it was hilarious to shine his flashlight (fwash-wight) on us or random objects and say, "SHINE MAMA! SHINE DADDY! SHINE THOBAS (Thomas the Train)! SHINE WALL! SHINE TB (tv)! SHINE UPSHAIRS!"

There was a lot of singing and dancing going on in our house, mostly to Elijah's new favorite "Uh Oh" song and also to "We Fall Down," which he likes for us to perform with actions. This got a little bit exhausting after multiple performances.

Speaking of exhausting, Elijah enjoyed being "flown" around the downstairs by Dan or me. "Mama fly? Daddy fly? Peeeeease?" Sweetie, you weigh THIRTY POUNDS!

Elijah started calling me "Mommy" on occasion, instead of "Mama." He also continued calling me "Baby Mama/Mommy," which he has been doing for a while. ??

Dan and I were constantly being asked to draw specific pictures on Elijah's magna-doodle. Things we drew: Big Squash (#1 request), Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato, The Peach (we're back in a Veggie Tales mode), a boot, a pocket (??), Lightning McQueen, yogurt, milk, Buzz Lightyear (this is tough), Thomas the Train, Percy the Train, Emily the Train, James the Train, a snowman, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, a cactus, a hat, our house, a water buffalo, and the list goes on..

We went out for breakfast on Christmas Eve and Elijah cried as he eagerly anticipated eating his french toast. "Fen toas, Fen toas, Fen toas!" was uttered through impatient tears until it arrived at our table.

I ate WAY too much food, but yum, Christmas treats are soooo delicious!

We spent Christmas Eve evening with Dan's family. Church was nice, dinner was scrumptious (homemade raviolis that DAN helped make) and family time was wonderful.

We played with play-doh and painted pictures.

We counted our blessings MANY times. We are truly thankful for all that we have.

We hope that all of our family and friends had a wonderful Christmas, as well!


Lee Family said...

Sounds like you all had a very nice quiet Christmas, how fun. I love the snow I wish it would snow in Vegas.
Elijah is really making strides he is such a sweetie pie.

Cecilia said...

Glad your Christmas was quiet but wonderful!

Thanks for those lovely pictures of your little man!

Have a nice week!

Sarah said...

Your pictures are just awesome! Everybody loves a water buffalo - right?