Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I don't know if he will remember this, but my dad told me about a vivid dream he had about Elijah a couple months before he was born. He told me that he woke up from the dream knowing three things about our little boy: 1. He would be chubby, 2. He would be extremely stubborn/strong-willed, and 3. He would adore snow.

At the time, I thought "Ha!" about number one. We were having a baby with serious heart defects! We had done our research, so we knew that heart babies typically were not described as being "chubby." Despite the odds, Elijah was always a chubby baby, so that part of my dad's dream was surprisingly right.

Regarding number two, well, we all know that "strong-willed" is one of the main words used to describe Elijah. :)

And number three, the love for snow, I have wondered about since my dad told me about the dream. It was confirmed Christmas weekend that that was right on, too!

I think it's pretty cool that his dream was so accurate.

Elijah certainly did adore being in the snow. He didn't want to move around at all, which wasn't a huge surprise, but he did NOT want to go back inside.

I went inside after a while and I could hear Elijah yelling, "MAMA INSIDE!" I opened the door to say hello and he said, "Shut da door, Mama! Mama in!" He saw his fun little snowy world as being "in." I thought it was cute that he wanted me to come "inside" to the outside.

And how cute is it that this snowsuit was Dan's snowsuit as a little munchkin?

And this was his unhappy face upon learning that it was time to go inside.


TimnKatienElinSam said...

I love the story about your dad. We had a pretty accurate dream just before I became pregnant, and although I have no explanation for it, I cannot ignore it :) Love the pictures! Hope to see you guys again soon!

Tina:0) said...

Again... these pics are great! You can tell he's having a wonderful time. And that snow suit is great! Can't find anything like that these days!

Sounds like our girls might get their chance for some snowy fun in the next couple of days. We're supposed to get 3 - 5 inches over the course of the day tomorrow. If we could just get the temperature would cooperate... (highs in the low 20's until next week:0/) Hope you're all staying warm!

Cecilia said...

Great pictures as always!

Bring Elijah to the UK, we have plenty of snow ... I bet he will have good fun here.

Stay Warm!!!

jencooper said...

I have never seen that much snow before in my life!!

He is adorable! I want to come up north and munch on those cheeks.

Hope that all is well.

Lee Family said...

oh I just love all of these pictures he is so sticken cute. And he loves the Snow how fun.

Sarah said...

Your pictures have just been awesome... not that they weren't always just they seem so much crisper. We got snow today... just 3 or 4 inches but here in the bluegrass that shuts school down!

ThePicks said...

The second to last photo in this post just makes me smile - how adorable is he buried in the snow smiling back at you!

That's pretty wild about the dream deal; so now I know where you get your dream skills from! LOL!

-The RA