Thursday, January 7, 2010

Swim therapy

I haven't mentioned yet that Elijah started swim therapy a few weeks ago. I wanted to wait a few weeks to see how things went before I made any comments about it. Well, we are three sessions in and we are pulling him out.

The first session went ok. The second session brought a few tears. The third session was awful. I sat at the edge of the pool and cried as Elijah screamed MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! as if someone was trying to cut off his fingers. Ok, I know when my little boy is uncomfortable (see: most PT sessions) and I know when he is terrified. During this swim session, he was 100% terrified. His teacher kept pushing and pushing him to stand and walk and float alone in the water and no matter how upset he got, she just kept pushing. I was ready to dive into the pool, clothes on and all, and rescue my scared little boy. It was heart-wrenching.

At the end of the session he grabbed me around the neck and would not let go. He kept saying HOME! BYE SWIMMING POOL! I felt terrible for just sitting and watching all of the trauma, so I hugged him tight and told him I loved him about a million times. Never again. It isn't worth it.

So now we will be doing regular PT every week like we were before. Bye bye swim therapy!


Amber said...

Sweet baby *and mama* how heart breaking! Our "new" therapy center offers aquatics...I'll be anxious to see how that goes over with Gracie. I think they encourage the parents to get in though...*thus the reason the Baker family has been at the Y 3 times this week!*
Glad you rescued him! squeeze him for me...and Emma. :0)

Ehlan said...

That sounds miserable! I think you are making a good decision not to put him through the torture. Take him swimming on your own, in the safety of Mom & Dad's arms, and you'll still be getting your "swim therapy" while being happy in the water!!

Lee Family said...

Thta sounds horrible I can not belevie the teacher would push him that hard and after all of the screaming. I don't blaim you I would have pulled him out also. Poor little guy, how horrifing for him.
You want the Pool to be a good experiance not a trematic one.

Good job Mom..

jencooper said...

Please, please, please bring that little lovebug to Texas and let me teach him to swim. I PROMISE that I won't treat him like that. I have been teaching babies to swim for 5 years.

I am so sorry that you had to go through that. I really hope that he doesn't develop a fear of the water now.

Love you guys!

Cecilia said...

Just couldn't believe the teacher was terribly pushy and aggressive to scare your little man off!!! Shame on the therapist!!!

Good job Elijah had you to comfort him after such a terrible experience!!!

Hugs to you both! xoxo

jennifer said...

Oh poor sweet child and Mama! Therapy shouldn't be such torture for a child. Aquatherapy is supposed to "fun" therapy. I hope you both are better in each other's arms, now . :)


Wendy said...

Oh No! My daughter teaches swimming at an indoor childrens swim school and they NEVER push kids like that. That is just so sad. I think with the right approach he would have loved it.