Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some funny Elijah stuff..

He calls the "carts" at the grocery store "carpets."

He loves it when I kiss his neck, which I call his "juicy neck" because it is oh so juicy, so he will lean into me and make a kissing sound and say, "Doocey Eck!" That is my cue to (very willingly) give him neck smooches and make him giggle like crazy.

One day a few weeks ago I was trying to get him excited about going to Wal-Mart with Dan and me so I leaned in close to his face so our noses were touching and said, "WAaaaaaallllll-MAAaaarrrrrrt." He thought it was the world's funniest thing, so at least once a day since then he has leaned into me and said, "WAaaaaaallllll-MAAaaarrrrrrt" and started laughing.

He loves it when I pucker my lips and then move my lips from side to side. For some reason this is hilarious. So now he tries to do it, which looks ten times as funny, I think.

We recently started playing a CD of children's songs that Elijah ADORES. This CD is seriously magic for children, or at least for our child. He asks to listen to these songs constantly, which is nice because it is a welcome replacement for tv in the morning or at bedtime and I think it has really helped his speech, too. One of the songs talks about a kid falling down and getting an owie on his leg. So Elijah often asks for "owie on weg song" as he gives us a sad face as if he is feeling so badly for the poor kid who got hurt.

He has shown such compassion for things/people recently. If someone gets hurt on a cartoon or in a book or if anything bad happens to an object or person that he is aware of, he gets VERY upset. The funniest instance I have seen.. He has a book where a little boy throws a muffin out the window for a moose to eat. I pointed to the muffin, which is in mid-air, and Elijah got worried about the muffin's well-being. MUFFIN!MUFFIN!MUFFIN!MUFFIN! MUFFIN FALL?!?!? I have convinced him that the muffin will surely land right in the moose's mouth, so now he feels comfortable about how the muffin will fare. (I won't tell him that it would be better off landing on the ground.)


Amber said...

I love it all! He reminds me so much of Caleb when he was little. Have I told you that? He does. :0)

Who couldn't sit and love on him ALL day?!

TimnKatienElinSam said...

What CD does he like? The boys love to sing along to everything, so I am always looking for good ones!

Lee Family said...

Oh you just got to love that cute little boy he is so funny.
Have a great weekend with your family.

Cecilia said...

Your little man certainly has a heart of gold! I love the picture so much!

Have a good weekend!

The Picks said...

Too precious! Love it!