Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh Weekend, I miss you

It's so sad how quickly Monday sneaks up on me every week. I loved our weekend. It was the perfect combination of things. Weekends are so wonderful.

We spent the first half of Saturday at the Children's Museum in St. Paul with some friends. Actually, this was my first time meeting these friends even though I felt like I've known them forever.

Olivia is Elijah's age, and ever since the two of them were born we have joked about setting up an arranged marriage. This weekend we sorted out some of the details. :) Don't you think they are a cute pair? They just haven't realized it yet. They didn't seem even slightly interested in one another.

The Children's Museum is a magical place for children (and for Dan). We wondered on our way out of the building how many meltdowns took place there daily, as Elijah kicked and screamed in protest to leaving.

Thanks to my sweet hubby, I was able to take a nice nap on Sunday morning, which allowed me to watch last week's episode of the Bachelor (whoa drama!) during Elijah's nap as I ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. This was a huge treat for me since 99.99% of the time you can find me either at work or napping when Elijah is napping. Later in the afternoon, as Dan prepared some food for his evening guests, I took a nice warm bath and started a new book. Another treat!

Two of my cousins came over to watch the Vikings game with Dan, so after I put Elijah to bed I sneaked off to our bedroom and watched a movie and ate another entire pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. :)

And to make the weekend even better, there was NO COUGHING in our house and Elijah is finally caught up on his sleep after his latest sickness. Now we need to start working on that ridiculously early wake-up time of his.

Isn't this photo hilarious?

One disappointing thing is that Elijah has really regressed with his walking. He has learned how to fall onto his knees without getting hurt, so he uses that crutch a lot when there is a long (more than 5 feet) stretch in front of him and he doesn't feel like walking anymore. We know he will work past this, but it's a bit of a bummer.

Sometimes I convince myself of the illusion that once X happens (talking, walking, heart surgery, fill in the blank), Elijah will be just like everyone else. I keep getting reminders that everything is a process with our little boy. It took him many months after he learned how to crawl before he would crawl from room to room in our house. So, when we say, "HE'S WALKING!" that means that he can walk, but he's not walking everywhere or consistently yet. As with everything, his walking will be a process and we will continue to be patient.

The littlest, unborn member of our family gets a fetal echocardiogram on Wednesday so the doctors can get a close peek at his heart. We are praying for good results, but we will love and accept this baby boy no matter what! Elijah has his first dental visit on Thursday and other than these things we are hoping for an uneventful, healthy week. Thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! And I hope all goes well on Wed.

Ehlan said...

We had so much fun too! And I'm totally jealous of your Sunday, that sounds AMAZINGLY relaxing!

Cara said...

Love the Science Museum! We don't go there enough. I'm so happy the "cough" has seen its way out! I say there is a much better wake up time in your future (just not sure how far into the future it is! he he).

So good to hear all is well. As always love the updates and you guys!

xoxo cara

Vanessa said...

I just LOVE all the pictures! My favorite is of Elijah pushing the basket. He is so adorable and your camera captures the moment perfectly. I need a new camera maybe I should get the one you have. Hmmmm...

Well it looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend. You are so brave taking him to the children's museum during this season. I freak out taking Arianna there during the summer. lol! Guess its' probably winter majority of the time in your neck of the woods so you have to just enjoy it whenever you can go.

Well you know I will be waiting to hear how your echo goes. Mine is at 4pm so I'll have to post Wednesday night.

Much love,

Amber said...

I miss your weekend! ;0)
As the kids get *eh-em* older...the weekends look different. :0(
What I wouldn't give for one of those weekends again. SO glad you are completely embracing them!
Oh yeah...lovin all those pictures...the one looks like she is about to whack him over the head and his face looks it!

jencooper said...

Me too.....the weekends go by way too fast!!

It looks like you had a great time at the museum. What a fun outing!! cream. Trust me...try the Strawberry Cheesecake. It is delish!!

Cecilia said...

Lovely pictures of Elijah and Dan as always! Sounds like you guys had a fun-filled weekend!

Ohhh ... Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream ... yum yum ...

Good luck to Elijah's dental visit.

Have a nice week!

Sarah said...

I'll be saying prayers for a good report on Wed. I agree... I often find myself thinking about when just (this) is over things will be *normal*. And then it's over and I realize we will never be *normal*. I always adjust but funny how I never learn the lesson. Sigh.

Lee Family said...

Sounds like you all had a great weekend. I just love all the photos. Good Luck with the Doctor on Wednesday hope everything is fine.

Ehlan said...

Yes he really did call me! It gave me a good smile!!