Saturday, July 17, 2010


Samson was inconsolable for most of the day. I'm talking, NOTHING made him happy. I think overtiredness started it (he fought his morning sleep again) and that turned into a lot of air swallowing and that turned into a lot of uncomfortable gas (that he already has issues with) and that turned into being too exhausted to eat and that turned into being hungry and MAD MAD MAD. I can't even explain the level of exhaustion I feel and I can't imagine how Sam must feel right now.

I had my moments where I was completely frazzled and frustrated, but I mostly just felt so bad for my sweet little guy. He obviously wasn't feeling well and there was nothing I could do for him. I hope neither of us ever have a day like today again. It was really tough, to say the least.

He is in bed right now (we will see how long that lasts), Elijah is asleep and I am peeking out the window at a massive storm that is moving in. I have to say that Elijah was awesome today. Despite a few whiny moments (totally normal for him), he was so good about handling the chaos in our house. He has never once complained about Sam's crying and he never acts out when I have to spend large chunks of time consoling Sam. Dan's mom offered to watch Sam tomorrow for a bit so Elijah and I can get out and have a little time together.

I'll end with some exciting stuff. Elijah has started asking me spontaneous questions on his own in the past few days. For example: "Mom, what's that sound?" or "Mom, what's this song?" or "How's it going, Mom?" I think this is a pretty exciting step for him! I'm so proud of him. Last year at this time he was just starting to say "Mama" appropriately. Sooooo much progress in one year!

Ok, please pray for sanity and sleep and peace for us!


Anonymous said...

My youngest son had a similar sounding problem. I was diagnosed with severe gastric reflux and an ulcerated oesophagus. It was so difficult for 6 months but the right medication made a difference and once he started to be able to be upright the reflux improved.

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo he was diagnosed not me!!

Cecilia said...

Its nice for you and Elijah have a little bit quality time together. Hopefully Sam will get better soon.

Will pray for sleep and sanity and peace for you guys.

Have a nice weekend!

Ann Marie said...

Hang in there, lady! He'll get a rhythm soon! Here's to sleep and sanity!