Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We were so happy that the weather was crappy today! Dan was able to come home from work early and spend most of the day with us. He and Elijah spent the evening putting Elijah's new big boy bed together and we were even able to have dinner together! We made Elijah try some of his burger and green beans and potatoes and he was not happy about any of that. We have decided that our picky eater needs to stop being so picky.

I just peeked in on Elijah and he looks like such a big boy sleeping in his new bed. What happened to our baby?! Hopefully the night goes well in his new surroundings.

Weather permitting, Dan will be away for the next four days. It is tough having him away so much, but we will manage. One of the hidden perks of our situation is that I am forming really close bonds with both of our boys.

Speaking of our boys, Samson will not go to sleep tonight! I'm off to soothe him some more...


mina said...

Awwww! Elijah in a Big Boy bed already??!!

Love the pic, with Samson's bright eyes :)

Cecilia said...

Love the way Sam looks at his Dad, so sweet!

Anonymous said...

You always capture great pictures of your 2 photogenic boys while I struggle to get my grandchildren to look at the camera. LOL. Enjoy those boys. They grow quickly.
Pat Domanico

Tracy said...

I love that picture ... adorable! I also have picky eaters, so I know how hard it can be. Some suggestions my pediatrician gave me were to only give Dominic fruit and water in between meals. Other foods and milk/juice will fill them up. Also if he doesn't want to eat what's given, do not make an alternate meal. Wrap it up and offer it later on when he says he's hungry. I know, these things are so much easier said than done ... but the in-between meal thing has worked for us ... somewhat.

jencooper said...

What a beautiful picture!! I love it!

I hope that Sam is nice to you while Dan is away!