Thursday, July 1, 2010

Samson's birth story

(I'm finally getting around to writing this. If you are interested in reading Elijah's birth story, click here!)

Well, Samson, you surprised us all. Nobody thought you would stay in my belly for as long as you did. I prayed so hard for a 39-week delivery and that is exactly what God gave us! I was on bed rest for over four months with pre-term contractions. Because I went into labor so early with your brother, my doctor was extra cautious and wanted me to stick as close to the couch as possible. Bed rest seemed to last forever, but I kept thinking about meeting you and that made it all worth it.

The day before my scheduled c-section, my contractions started getting regular. They came about seven minutes apart for a good chunk of time and I wondered if we might have to do an emergency c-section after all. We got through the night without any drama, though, and woke up super early to get to the hospital for surgery. I don’t know about Daddy, but I didn’t get much sleep that night. I was so excited to meet you! I was also a little bit nervous about the surgery and I was anticipating missing Elijah, too. We had brought him to Grandma and Grandpa’s house the night before and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing much of him in the following days.

We got to the hospital and checked in. I was brought back to a room where I was prepped for surgery. The nurses had a hard time getting an IV started in my arms (this always happens), so they ended up having to put one in my hand. It hurt at first, but I soon had other things to distract me. Pretty soon there were a handful of people in the room and I was being ushered into the operating room. This is the moment when I got really scared. Daddy wasn’t able to come back with me right away and I didn’t like that very much.

The operating room was small and I remember being surprised by that. A nurse had me sit down on the operating table and lean into her while an anesthesiologist put the spinal block into my back. I felt my heart rate increase and I was on the verge of panicking. I wanted Daddy in there with me! Everything went fine with the spinal block and they had me quickly lie down on the table. Lots of people buzzed around me, getting everything prepared for surgery. I kept asking, “When can my husband come in??”

The main anesthesiologist made the comment that it was a good day to have a baby. He was a “numbers” guy and 6 + 4 = 10, which is what the date was: 6-4-10. I told him I was a “numbers” gal myself, and that 11 was my lucky number. 6 + 4 + 1 + 0 = 11! Elijah’s birthday actually worked out the same way: 2 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 7 (2-20-07) = 11. Anyway, that distracted me until Daddy was able to come into the room. Things started feeling really strange with my body at about this time. It felt like I couldn’t breathe because part of my lungs were numb. That made me start to panic again, but I quickly calmed down.

Everything started to go really quickly. I felt a lot of tugging and pulling and pushing and then suddenly Daddy was told to get the camera ready to take your first photo! Then, WAILING! You screamed your little lungs out! I heard someone comment on how big you looked and another person comment on your head size. The doctor let you peek over the curtain at me and then you were taken to be cleaned off and weighed. That is when my tears started to flow! Happy happy tears! I couldn’t stop them. The nurses kept making sure they were happy tears and I kept nodding yes. We waited so long to meet you and it was so special to be able to partake in your birth. Hearing your healthy cries gave me the most amazing, happy feeling!

I got to hold you for a minute once you were cleaned and wrapped in a blanket. I remember noticing your extremely long thumb nail and then immediately taking in your beautiful face. At first I thought you looked nothing like Elijah, but later I realized that you do in fact look a lot like your big brother.

I felt a weird pain in my chest as I was being closed up (apparently that was normal), but other than that things went fine and really quickly. As soon as they were done, the phone in the OR rang and we found out that you weighed seven pounds even! Way more than I thought you would weigh!

I was wheeled into a recovery room, where you and Daddy came to see me. It was surreal and very very weird to see him holding you without any machines or wires attached. We got pretty used to that sort of thing after Elijah was born, so in my mind wires accompany every newborn. I felt so grateful that you were so healthy. It really was quite a strange feeling.

We stayed in the hospital with you for three days. Or I should say, you stayed in the hospital with ME for three days. I had to recover from my c-section, and you and Daddy hung out in my room with me while I did that. There are a few things about the hospital stay that are really special to me and that I never want to forget about..

I loved the moments when I was able to nurse you. I wasn’t able to nurse you for very long because of a lot of pain (emotional and physical), so I cherish the moments we had doing that together. There were times when you would start to cry (you were constantly hungry, even right from the start!) and I would nurse you for a bit and you would calm down and fall asleep next to me. Daddy thought I was crazy, but I wanted you with me all the time, even during the night, because I was so in love with you. I was always sad when you were across the room in your bassinet.

We always had you wrapped up in your cozy little Halo sleepsack and you looked so tiny and cute when you slept in it. You really were a great sleeper from the start. Elijah has always been a good sleeper, so we were very happy to see that you were, as well.

I will never forget your funny little high-pitched squeal that you made when you were hungry. You didn’t do it for very long, so it’s something I want to tuck in my mind so I always remember it. It was cute and it made me laugh every time.

I loved, and still love, the cute little noises you made when you ate and slept. You are absolutely precious, Samson, and a miraculous gift from God! We love you so much and we are so thankful you are a part of our family. It feels like things are complete with you here.

I sat and stared at your perfection for hours as I sat in that hospital room. I touched your super soft skin (you can ask Elijah about this...soft necks are my favorite) and kissed your forehead and rubbed your back. I couldn't get over how perfect you were!

You are now four weeks old and we are getting to know you more every day. You love your food more than anything in the world and you seldom let a feeding go by without screaming your head off so the whole world can hear. When you are rested and when your tummy is full, you love to look around the room with your curious eyes.

I am so excited to continue to get to know you and I am so grateful to be your mommy! Thank you for choosing us, Samson. We love you!!

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What a beautiful story, you made me cry again!