Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eight weeks tomorrow

Things seem to be falling into place for Sammy. He has slept for seven straight hours for the past two nights and (after much screaming earlier this week) is taking naps in his own bed, for hours at a time. AAAAhhhhh!! Progress feels wonderful.

Elijah is playing with his friends for a bit today, Dan is working and Sammy and I are packing for our trip tomorrow. I'm excited for our weekend away. I'm sure it won't be without some craziness, but it will be nice to be with all of my boys AND be away from home.

Have a great weekend!


jencooper said...

Oh....that smile melts my heart!!

Good luck with your road trip!

Cecilia said...

Dear oh dear ... I love the second photo so so much! Yap, that smile melts everyone's heart!!!

Have a great trip!

MarenJustinKade said...

I CAN NOT believe how much he looks like baby Elijah! The blog title photo of E as a baby is so identical to Samson!

Sarah said...

He is too cute! Hope you enjoy your weekend away!

Lee Family said...

oh this picture is just so cute, I love it. He just melts your heart :)