Sunday, August 1, 2010

Back from vacation

We had a great vacation. I must say that I worried about the wrong child misbehaving. Samson was a breeze! Elijah had his moments in the car during our 6-hour drive (each way). Ugh, Dan and I certainly exercised our patience. All in all, we had a wonderful weekend away. It was great to see family and stay in a hotel and just get away from home for a few days. I am so in love with all of my boys. I have the best boys in the world, I am completely convinced.

Photos of the weekend will come soon! Dan and I have an exciting day scheduled tomorrow. Sam is spending a "trial day" at daycare. Please pray that it goes well for him!


Cecilia said...

Love that sweet little smile of Elijah!

Glad you had a great vacation. Good luck to Sam's trial day at daycare!!!

Have a nice week!

Auntie Lissa said...

The boys look adorable!! Sam looks so much like Eli did as a baby in that middle picture. And what is up with Elijah's hair? ;-) Give them both kisses from us all! xoxo Auntie Lissa

Lee Family said...

I am so glad you had a nice vacation it is always nice to get away from home.