Saturday, August 21, 2010


These pics are from last weekend when my dad and stepmom were still in town. This was our last evening together before they had to head back home to Charlotte. I love this photo of "Gwamps" (my dad) and the boys. Love it!

Oh man. I love this guy.

Elijah could swing all day and night, every day, all week and for months on end.

Especially when Grammie and Gramps are around. He loves them so much!

It takes some major coaxing to get Elijah to go onto any playground equipment that doesn't involve swinging. I had to take a picture.

This week wasn't the most fun week I've ever had. I am working on being more positive about our situation because I felt really down about being back at work and all that did was make me feel awful. I miss my boys so terribly when I am away from them, but this is the way things have to be for now and I need to accept the fact that I am a working mama.

It seems like we are constantly in readjustment mode. This week was a major readjustment week for us, so today everything seemed way off balance. Sam didn't smile hardly at all, he didn't sleep much and he did a lot of crying (regression!). Elijah was a whiny, crabby boy for a lot of the day. Despite this, there is still no place I would rather be than with my boys and I 100% mean that.

I felt ambitious after nap time today (and we REALLY needed groceries), so I took the boys to the grocery store. It actually went really well until we were checking out. At that point, everything fell apart.

First, Samson started screaming bloody murder in the check-out line. His screaming doesn't bother me, but I am always aware of how other people might be affected by it. The woman in line in front of me was super duper slow and taking her time and this didn't help our situation. I finally got up to pay and this woman turns around (so there is no way I can get around her to start bagging my groceries) and says, "OH! Do you think he is hungry? Maybe he needs a pacifier? Hmmmmmm, could he be teething?" Oh dear goodness, are you serious? GET OUT OF MY WAY!! Finally I had to say, "I think he just wants to leave!" and that made her step aside.

Then Elijah asked to hold his toasted raviolis box (his favorite meal), as he always does. I handed it to him and he threw it on the floor. "Not THIS one! THAT one!" Ok, the boxes are exactly the same, and NO I am not handing you the other one when you just threw this one on the floor. I picked it up and put it in a bag and continued on with bagging the groceries. This is when the flopping/screaming/flailing began (thankfully Sam had stopped screaming by this point).

As we were walking out of the store, Elijah was screaming at the top of his lungs, "WANT TOASTED RAVIOLIS! WANT TOASTED RAVIOLIS! WANT TOASTED RAVIOLIS! WANT TOASTED RAVIOLIS!" I completely ignored him (or pretended to), while every other person within hearing distance glanced our way. Oh lovely.

We got to the car and suddenly the toasted ravioli fiasco turned into something else and screaming continued about whatever that was.


The good moments are really good, though. There were many times today when I thought about what good boys we have. The rough times really are not the norm. I dearly and sincerely love my two little boys and I don't want to spend a minute of my weekend time away from them, no matter what.


mina said...

Aww,going from one child to two is definitely an adjustment, but it will get better with time. Hang in there!

Cecilia said...

Ohhh Megan, you are a wonderful mama and you've done a great job in the grocery store!

Love all those pictures!

Have a nice Sunday!

jencooper said...

So sorry to hear about your rough trip friend. I am glad to see your positive spin on things!!

Anonymous said...

You will reap the benefits of managing Elijah at the store in the future. Stay strong.

Others may reap the benefits of your response to the lady in front of you - perhaps she will refrain from making her opinion known and move a bit faster. Your response was appropriate.

Being an employed parent is tough and you have a realistic attitude. Barbara