Friday, August 13, 2010

Home sweet home

Sadly, I did not take a single photo on our last of three journeys. So here is a photo from last weekend on "Birgil's" boat.

Elijah, Samson and I cut the last leg of our trip short by a few days. We were all supremely sleep-deprived and missing our home. I even heard Elijah say, "Back home soon?" at 2:00 in the morning a few nights ago. We needed to come back. When we got here, Sam was as happy as a clam. He sat in his swing and smiled for 45 minutes straight.

We had a wonderful time with wonderful family. Elijah found a new favorite buddy, Uncle Phill! He asked about him all day today and I think he really formed a cute little bond with him.

I will end with a conversation Elijah and I had right before nap time today (to show how seriously overly tired our boy was/is):

Me: It's time to take a nap. Will you take off your shoes, please?

Elijah: NO!! Wear red crocs?

Me: No, we can't wear shoes to bed, sweetie.


Me: Ok, Elijah.


Me: Ok, who are you then?

Elijah: I MOMMY!

Me: Ok, Mommy, please take off your crocs.

Elijah: I NOT MOMMY!

Me: [laughing]

Elijah: No laughing!!

Me: Sorry sweetie, I mean, Elijah, I mean, Mommy.

Elijah: Where purple triceratops?

Me: Uhhmmm, ok, let's get into bed.

Elijah: Say pwayers.

Me: Really?


Me: Okay, okay. Dear Jesus, please help Elijah and Samson to take good naps.

Elijah: Good naps.

Me: And please help Elijah to calm down a little bit.

Elijah: Elijah NOT CALM DOWN!

Me: Amen.

Elijah: Amen.

Me: I love you, sweetie.

Elijah: I love you, Mom.

And he slept for two hours, which apparently wasn't enough. He woke up tired and crabby and needing more sleep. I put him to bed early tonight and I am hoping he won't get up and talk for an hour and a half in the middle of the night (for the third night in a row).

I have never been so happy to be home. After 2.5+ weeks of traveling in the car I started to get extremely homesick, and I know my boys were needing the normalcy of home as well. We are so happy to be here and sleeping in our own beds! Don't get me wrong, we loved every bit of our vacations and our hosts were the absolute best. But, we are so very excited to be at home.

Have I mentioned that I go back to work on Monday? :( Ugh. Very very sad about that.


Cecilia said...

Welcome back!

I love your conversation with Elijah, so funny ... lol ...

Home sweet home, its always good to be home.

Have a nice weekend!

jencooper said...

I go back to work tomorrow too. :( So sad....

I love little Elijah! That cracked me up! I can't wait to finally meet him in person.