Thursday, August 19, 2010

Work Week #1 almost done

Sam loves to have his little fists up under his chin. So cute.

Up until a few days ago, Elijah has basically ignored Samson. He would occasionally acknowledge his presence (especially at first), but for the most part pretended Sam didn't exist. Then the other day I came into the living room to see Elijah down on the ground with Sam, talking to him and rubbing his legs and kissing him. "Sammy so cute! So soft! Hi Sam! I 'ove you!" Then he tried to snuggle right up next to him, but I had to remind him that babies can't be squished.

Going back to work has been difficult/sad/tearful/yucky. I miss my boys like crazy and I can't seem to concentrate on anything but them. At 4:00 on the dot, I run to my car and speed home and practically maul those boys. It feels unnatural to be away from them so much, but I know with time I will start feeling better about it. In a sad and desperate state, I bought a powerball ticket yesterday. I looked up the numbers right away this morning and apparently we aren't meant to be millionaires. At least not now.

Sammy's first day at daycare went well. He did a lot of smiling at the other kids. It makes me feel good that he was happy. By the time I get home from work in the evenings, he is no longer happy (ready to eat and ready to sleep) and that is a little bit hard for me. I actually look forward to getting up to feed him in the middle of the night because it is our peaceful, happy time together.

Well, the week is almost done, and that means a weekend with my munchkins is drawing near!


Kathy said...

I could just eat up BOTH of your boys!
I'm glad that Elijah likes his brother...that had to just melt your heart. (I hope sammy doesn't pull his hair...he looks pretty close in that picture. I can imagine that's something that Elijah woudn't forget!)

Maybe the NEXT powerball is YOURS! (i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!)

Have a fun weekend munching on those boys.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to point out that the pictures used in this post were taken by Daddy! Such wonderful photography!

Cecilia said...

Like the green socks of Sammy, so cute! Love all those photos of your two little precious men!

Keep trying, maybe you'll be the next millionaire in town!

Have a nice weekend!

Ehlan said...

Oh man, I can't believe it's back to work time already for you! It always goes by too quickly. Enjoy those precious moments, the weekends, and the moments when you get a chance to catch your breath!! We need another playdate so I can meet this little man!

Ann Marie Huttner said...

you made it through the first week! Glad to hear that Sammy did great at daycare, hope you have a wonderful weekend with your boys, and we want to see you soon!

The Huttners

Lee Family said...

I just love the new cover of your blog. Thise boys are so precious. I love all of the pics. And I am glad to here that Elijah is getting along with Sam. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.