Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vacation photos

Samson is getting so chubby and cute. Mmmmmm, we love him..

We stopped at the ice cream shop Dan used to go to with his family when he was a kid. Elijah took his ice cream very seriously.

We had to take a picture in front of the "bwue cow."

Mommy and Elijah..

One of the peaceful moments in the car on the way home. Elijah loved snuggling up with his blankie, while fighting sleep (like Sam!).

My gorgeous, wonderful husband. I love him so much, it's crazy!


Sarah said...

Another road trip? You all are ending the summer right, with fun! The picture of Samson in the last post looks so serious and fitting for what you described your morning to be. He looks like he is saying "and I mean it!"

mina said...

Love the pics, your boys are adorable!

Cecilia said...

Your boys are cute and adorable, your man is gorgeous, lucky you!

Lee Family said...

ah your three favorite men, SO cute.