Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Asoiehp oawhjadh g;jadg ;kadg;kjah!!!!!

I think this cute little boy, along with his big brother, is trying to kill his parents today. Thank goodness Dan is home today.

We have had a rough start to our day. I won't even go into details because I don't want to rehash any of it. It has involved a lot of screaming and wailing and whining.

Elijah showed some signs that he might get croup last night, so I got very little sleep worrying about that. Thankfully he did not get it, but I will still be on high alert for the next couple nights. He obviously isn't feeling 100%, so that could be part of the reason for some of the crazy behavior we have gotten to be a part of today.

We have another big trip coming up this weekend, so I am praying we can get things sorted out again before then. Samson is overly tired again, so we are working on taking care of that problem before it gets too out of control.

I hear screaming coming from upstairs and yelling coming from the kitchen, so I better go!


Cecilia said...

Oh I love the juicy double-chin of Sam, seriously cute!

Hope Elijah feels better now.

Have a nice day!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

same here! cant get enough of samson's cute chub!
praying for you guys to get rest and for you all to have a very relaxing trip.

Kathy said...

girl...at least those boys are super cute...
When I'm looking at this picture of Sam..and I see the baby pic of Elijah in the header...oh, they are just too cute! Look at those googly eyes.
I'll put the ear plugs in the mail..
sounds like you need them.

Good luck on your next road trip!